Salford’s Working Class Movement Library us hosting the online launch of Ben Harker’s new book The chronology of revolution tomorrow, Wednesday 5 May at 2pm.

The book is based on a decade of research in over 20 archives  and focuses on the legacy of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB).

Ben argues that the CPGB, despite having great influence over British culture, never fully appreciated the importance of civil society to its political strength. Analysing party members’ efforts in fields such as science, journalism, the arts, broadcasting, and education,

The chronology of revolution offers an alternative, radical history of Britain between 1920 and 1991 that draws out important lessons for the contemporary Left.

Ben Harker is a senior lecturer in 20th century literature at the University of Manchester.

To join the talk please click on the following link just before 2pm on Wednesday:


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