About Us

We are a digital magazine with a Greater Manchester focus but we also keep an eye on National and International issues that we feel should be brought to the attention of our readers and could affect their lives.

We take a keen interest in the inequality and social issues that concern the Greater Manchester region and are happy to give a voice to those communities that are refused it elsewhere, provided that the message conforms to our strict editorial guidelines

Founded in 2015 we have expanded our portfolio to cover over the years,news and features from across the region, business,entertainment, reviews, food and drink, property, science and technology, culture and lifestyle, the environment ,community  and history.

We run a small operation with very low overheads and a low running cost but we believe that with our reach, we punch well above our weight for our fully fledged digital publication and would always be very happy to accept voluntary contributions to fund either general or specific journalistic investigations as we believe that local journalism needs continued support.

For those who wish to commercially be involved in our journey, our media pack is available on request