Gambling is a popular activity to pass time in the U.K. that people engage in to make money and relax. However, if it is not checked, it can become addictive, destroying people’s career and family life. We have composed a list of strategies gamblers can use to avoid developing a gambling disorder.

Avoid Denial

You may be one of the over 400,000 pathological gamblers in the U.K. who bet an average of £100 every day. It helps to know when you have the problem because the knowledge empowers you to seek intervention. Some of the signs of impulsive gambling include:

  • Hiding your gambling activities from your friends and partner
  • Spending excessive time on online casinos and other gambling platforms
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Friends and family have warned you about your gambling habits

Sort Out the Stressors

Most pathological gamblers have an underlying problem that drives them to engage in impulsive behavior. Gamblers should sort out the issues that undermine the quality of their lives, and drive them to seek relief in betting. The problems may include substance abuse, depression and anxiety. If your problem gambling is driven by an underlying issue, interventions targeted at gambling will not improve your condition, and you are likely to relapse. That is why you need to get psychiatric support.

Reduce Access to Time and Money

If you are an impulsive gambler, you stand a better chance of recovering if you can minimize access to money in the form of credit cards or cash. Lock away all your credit cards and close online betting accounts that tempt you to gamble. Further, find a recreational activity that keeps you away from the internet. For instance, you can join a riding or hiking club that keeps you occupied during your free time.

Avoid Shifting Blame

Some people blame their problem gambling on their unbearable partners, toxic workplace or some other issue. No matter how obnoxious your partner or boss may be, always remember that sinking into problem gambling will only deteriorate the situation. It will not only destroy your life but will also ruin your family and possibly deny your children valuable parental support. Therefore, it is better to find better remedies for your problem than resort to gambling.

Alternative Leisure Activities

If you gamble to overcome boredom, fatigue or loneliness, you may be at risk of being addicted. You can engage in other activities such as socializing, exercising, adopting new hobbies, and practicing relaxation techniques.

Build a Strong Support Network

Expanding your network is one way of exploring the world beyond gambling for exciting alternatives. Join Facebook groups of people with problem gambling problems for tips on how to overcome the problem. Further, join other groups that discuss various issues that are of interest to you, such as sports. You will be surprised at the many opportunities you have been missing out.

Bottom line

Gambling is a fun activity for most people but can become a problem if it is not done in moderation. You need to take control of your betting impulses even as you seek bonuses on English casino sites.


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