It looks like animal activists are finally getting their way in Florida. One of the less publicized issues on midterm ballots in the state was Amendment 13 – a measure that banned Greyhound racing in the state.

Activists cited cruel treatment of animals as the reason to ban the sport. Amendment 13 passed, with 69 percent of people voting for the measure.

Once the measure takes full effect in 2020, thousands of greyhounds will be out of a home. The call has gone out to would be pet owners to take some of dogs in, but progress is slow.

Currently, Florida is home to 11 out of the 17 active greyhound racing tracks in the United States. As a result, the vast majority of greyhounds in the United States are also located in Florida. However, the call is going out to dog lovers around the world, because experts do not expect that there will be enough people to take in the greyhounds once the tracks are closed. Some organizers are even reaching out to homes in the UK, the second biggest market for Florida greyhound betting after the United States.

Even insiders have no clue as to when the tracks will actually close and how many dogs will be affected overall. Even the best Coral bookmakers offers for UK users are having trouble balancing out how they will handle the new landscape. Some of them are considering moving their base of operations to one of the other major US greyhound cities. Others are looking overseas for greener pastures – the industry is up in the air.

Although the majority of animal rights activists in Florida were for the Amendment 13 measure, there were a few who are actually against it based on the fact that the dogs affected would be out of a home as soon as they were out of a job. These activists also disagreed with the assertion of their counterparts that the greyhounds were mistreated or overworked during their time in the racing circuit.

These activists predict a crisis if the 11 tracks in Florida are all closed at the same time. With the passage of Amendment 13, their next initiative is begin a movement to phase out greyhound racing in Florida rather than eliminate it cold turkey.

According to figures taken from the Grey2K USA Worldwide nonprofit and the Humane Society of the United States, there are over 3,700 greyhounds in Florida alone. This figure cannot be quantified precisely because of the private nature of breeding and dog farms, however.

Even if all tracks close in Florida, not all of the greyhounds will be completely retired from the Greyhound circuit. It is estimated that between 1500 and 2000 of them will move to other states to race.

The betting industry around greyhounds is expected to take a hit. Depending on the way that the tracks are closed in Florida, high rollers and consistent batterers are expected to cause a sizable dip in the volume of greyhound bets over the next 2 to 3 years. The industry is expected to become more volatile, although the exact nature of the volatility cannot be determined.

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