Wedding anniversaries are important dates to celebrate as you wish. You can make a fanfare or mark the day with quiet enjoyment. For more than a century, a list has been used that has helped many to decide what gifts to present at each wedding anniversary.  The first decade is:

Year one – Paper

Year two – Cotton

Year three – Leather

Year four – Linen, silk or fruit and flowers (UK)

Year five – Wood

Year six – Iron or sugar (UK)

Year seven – Wool, copper

Year eight – Bronze or salt (UK)

Year nine – Pottery or copper (UK)

Year ten – Tin, aluminum

However, this does not mean that gifts are limited only to those made from these materials. Think outside the box a little. For example, your first anniversary is paper, which could be tickets to a concert and on your tenth anniversary, denoted by tin, this could be a flight in an aeroplane.  Here are some more anniversary gift ideas that you can consider when planning your next wedding anniversary celebrations. In the meantime, here are a few more ideas.

Just the two of you

Fly overseas

If this is a milestone anniversary, consider travelling overseas. Perhaps the romantic capital city of Paris, or perhaps sunbathing on the beach in Bali.  This would be a perfect celebration if you were unable to have a honeymoon soon after your wedding. You may want to visit the vineyards of Italy, the Great Wall of China. Whatever the big dream, see if you can make it come true. 

Visit your favourite city 

If you want to get away, the clock or the wallet are putting up barriers to that happening, book a weekend trip to your favourite city. Take in an exhibition, stroll around the botanical gardens or return to old haunts that you love. Stay central to where you want to spend your time, so you don’t lose time on transport. 

Couples spa

Spend an entire weekend at a spa. Get a facial, book a couple’s massage, show off a manicure, and spend an afternoon going in and out of a steam room. Perfect for those who have a regular lifestyle that gives little chance for relaxation.  Ask grandparents or other family members to look after the children or get a house sitter to care for pets in your home. 

Celebrations with friends and family

You may want to celebrate your wedding anniversary with close friends since no couple is an island. It’s a chance for everyone to catch up and have fun. 

Get tickets to an event

Whether you share a favourite headliner, adore opera or sports team, get tickets for when they are next in town or investigate up-and-coming bands, singers and sportspeople that seem promising. Whatever it is, make sure to dress up with friends before you go.

Hire a private room at a restaurant

Make a meal out extra special by hiring out a private room at your favourite restaurant or one where there’s a special menu you would love to try out. This means that you can spend time circulating among friends without concerns that the maître d’ might be pushing you out of the door because they need the table. It also guarantees a birthday cake dessert.

Rent an Airbnb for the weekend

Save yourself the trouble of fitting in visitors to your small home and invite everyone to a nearby Airbnb. Then you can be sure there is enough space for everyone, and you can choose the amenities you want to have from a games room, a hot tub, a surround-sound stereo system and more.


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