You know that complete discombobulating feeling when you’re in a very deep sleep and there is a familiar sound in the dream but you come round all confused as you are woken up by the phone. Well that! At 2am.

I had a sneaking suspicion it was my 10 year old cousin from Australia and it was. Mmmmmm, we need to have a lesson in time difference and delaying your gratification!! I wasn’t cross – just knackered and struggled to get back to sleep after I moved the offending phone into the hall. On silent!

Dave’s “the 2nd weigh-in is 1.5Kg lighter” trick didn’t work for me. I tried it 3 times but, there’s no getting away from it, I’ve stayed the same this week. Oh crap! That elusive 1lb will have to wait until next week. Never mind.

I was cursing the milkman as a couple of the eggs were broken but then I realised it was the bloody magpies. How clever are they to recognise the egg box and break into it. I’ll have to up my game next Friday in case they remember and come back. I was very suspicious of the milk and the remaining eggs in case they were polluted with bird juice! A good old wash and they were good as new!

I had a few deep and meaningful chats with a various friends today as I was checking out how crazy I am being at the moment. My first chat with one of my besties convinced me that I need to keep the economy going and keep shopping. Hoorah, I am vindicated on the shopping but we agreed I am a bit on the nuts side with this situation in general.

Let me explain a little more: I have allergies. So what, you ask? Well, putting it into even more context, if I accidentally ingest a mouthful of hairspray at the hairdressers, I end up with a chest infection that can last for about 8 weeks. There’s obviously a weakness there and I worry if I ever caught Covid-19 it would be really dangerous and I’d really struggle to shake it off.

I’ve also had cellulitis a few times resulting in taking really strong antibiotics for weeks at a time and last time, I had septicaemia so was on a drip for several days. Add in that Dave has got a stent in one of his arteries so I’d be distraught if he got the virus, especially if I gave it to him.

Now does it make more sense as to why I am crazy and paranoid about this virus? I’m not sure if these class as underlying conditions but it not exactly going to help us, is it.

My second chat was with two really good friends and they convinced me I was not alone! I’m not the only one that is using a DMZ and thinking abroad holidays won’t be feasible for over 12 months. I was glad that one of them is actually buying more random stuff than I am.

That said, I’m beginning to think that I am still overreacting somewhat so I am going to make a conscious effort to keep everything in perspective whilst still being careful. I’m not saying I’ll be getting on a crowded tram any time soon but maybe a walk, somewhere quiet, away from covidiots.

The Sainsbury’s man cameth and brought our ingredients for Friday night Fajitas. Scrummy – apart from the god awful cabbage tasting lettuce. I lit my new sea breeze candle and we just chilled after doing the godamn chores! At least they are done so we can enjoy the weekend. Perfect!

My List: We watched some general tv – an early Jason Manford show from the MEN was very funny; Peter Kaye’s carshare – aaaaah, the first ever episode was so cute; When things go wrong at Eurovision – we’d forgotten how tuneless the “La la la” song was, who can forget the very rude Polish entry with the milk maids and not to mention the very sexist behaviour in the early years; & we made up our round for the Sunday quiz but it’s very hard as Dave wants us to win this week!


My Lowlight: We couldn’t get the link to work so we could join my friend’s mum’s funeral this afternoon. It made me even sadder that we couldn’t even support her remotely.

My Highlight: Watched a video of a 91 & 94 year old couple jiving at a wedding – it was so uplifting. We should all try it.

My Anxiety Level: Low – just in time for the weekend.


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