Dave has been doing a semi-scientific experiment with our scales over the last few weeks and has concluded that if you get on a second time, the scales seem to be about 1.5 kg lighter than the first time. Excellent plan!

I’d already had my breakfast so didn’t want to chance it today but I am going to try this out tomorrow on the usual weigh day.

Once again, I walked passed the M & S and Next parcels in the DMZ at least four times before I had a word with myself, pulled myself together and took the plunge by trying it all on.

I realised that what was putting me off was knowing I had ordered clothes in a smaller size and just not being convinced they would fit. It is truly a miracle that it all fits and nothing has to go back. In fact, some of it is a bit loose already and so I’ve now ordered the pants & top in the next size down too. I know – it’s amazing and a nightmare all in one!

Being honest, I feel great and I’m sure I’ve lost that pound to get me to the four stone mark tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

It’s been a bit of a week this week but mum is recovering now so hopefully she will be completely better in no time at all.

I’m looking forward to doing my nails tomorrow. Oh, and vodka, lashings and lashings of vodka!

My List: Modern Family; and a few pages of my book. Not much, in the grand scheme of things but it is a school day!


My Lowlight: It’s another friend’s mum’s funeral tomorrow and I’ve not been able to give her the support I’d want to due to the restrictions. I can cope without going to restaurants and the theatre but it’s this lack of human contact that is utterly miserable.


My Highlight: My contract is being extended to end of June, thankfully. It’ll keep me in internet shopping for a bit longer!. Yay!!

My Anxiety Level: Back to Low – phew!


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