Even after my commenting on the M&S parcel still being in the DMZ yesterday, guess what – it’s still there. What a lazy sloven I am.

I wonder if I am delaying my gratification knowing that there won’t be many parcels like this arriving any time soon? Actually, scrap that as there will be several parcels like this arriving soon as I have started shopping again. I am officially a nightmare and addicted to shopping. There, I’ve said it out loud!

Once again, I am being such a hypocrite but I think I am just bored. Now I have decided to dress fabulously every day, I’ve clearly decided I need to have some more fabulous clothes. What an idiot!!

My List: I watched BBC2’s Vienna Blood tonight. It was a bit too clever for its own good and like a poor man’s Sherlock Holmes but a very watchable 6/10.


My Lowlight: One of my bestie’s mum is very poorly in her nursing home. The affects of this virus just sucks on so many levels. It makes you think about what is really important in life and it’s not fast cars, diamonds and fancy holidays but all the people we love dearly. The thought of losing anyone so close is just unimaginable so I will stop trying to imagine it as it makes me too sad.


My Highlight: Mum is getting stronger by the day – long may that continue. I can’t wait to give them both a hug in real life.


My Anxiety Level: Medium but definitely going in the right direction.


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