My week started rather bizarrely as my phone wrote to me to check if I was ok as apparently my average screen time was down by over three hours a day last week.

How terribly modern one’s phone writing to one!  It does explain why I was so chilled though but I was shocked that I’d been on it so much before the friendly enquiry.

The weather has been glorious this week and it has made me smile every single day plus has given me a bit of a tan. To be fair, they are more like freckles or age spots but I am being uber careful not to burn. I don’t want to spend all this effort staying safe from Covid-19 only to be hit by sun-related illness either now or in the future.

The main topics in our house this week have been whether we should pay the balance on our July UK holiday; if visiting my 75 year old parents will make us all feel better or worse; and Dominic Cummings.

We were bored of Dom C by Tuesday as, after his rage inducing press conference from the garden at Number 10 on Bank Holiday Monday, I fell on the side that he needs to go but he is so arrogant, he will just ride it out. I’d not taken into account that other people were in a similar situation but put the nation first even though it has been tough for everyone.  Where were his friends, neighbours or closer family in his time of need, that’s one of the many questions I’d like to know?

It was established on Sunday that Dom Raab, the acting PM at the time, didn’t know Dom C’s whereabouts but did know he was out of action.  I’m not sure if this was plausible deniability or not very good leadership as surely you’d enquire after the health of your people if you were a key man down?  As expected, it looks like Dom C will be staying but I think it will cost Boris dearly at the next election.

I’ve mentioned before that I am such a hypocrite on many things. So, I want the country to get back on its feet and I’ll help but only from my lockdown house. I think everyone should be going back to work as long as I can still carry on working from home. I think that hotels, restaurants and shops should open to make sure local businesses survive this pandemic and I want this to happen as long as I don’t have to go to them.

I recognise my failings but I don’t know how else to deal with it. That’s the dilemma for this week with the UK holiday in Devon.  I bet there are lots of people who are in a similar position but I also guess, looking at all the pictures at the beaches over the weekend, that many people think this is all a big hype.

To cut a long story short, we are doing a twin centre trip to Devon and the first part has been paid for upfront. The big attraction of this bit was the posh dinner dance and I wanted a new 1920’s styled frock for the occasion. The second part is a lovely apartment on a caravan site overlooking the sea. We’ve only paid the deposit.

If it’s all open – and there’s an increasing chance it will be – it’s not going to be what I wanted and dreamed of for many years as this is a bucket list item but if we don’t go and enjoy it for what it is, we’ll lose all the money.

See, I want them all to survive and I have to help them to do it but I’m not going to get what we’ve saved really hard for. I get that people have and are dying so it’s trivial, isn’t it?  I just can’t help feeling scared and disappointed all at the same time.

In my usual style, I had a word with myself, decided to seize the day and agreed to go. I’ll be scared and DEFINITELY need to figure out how to deal with the toilet in public situation on such a long car journey.  I’ve been investigating “she wees” but need to do some more research as I didn’t realise there were so many of them and not quite sure how they will work in practice.  Oh, I hope my social media feeds are not going to be bombarded with all this – the shame of it all!

I was hoping that Boris’ announcement on Thursday would give some clarity but it was a bit vague as usual.  It’s still not clear if I can visit my parents.  I’m just not sure if it will make us all feel better or worse but I’ll see what the advice is over the coming week.  I definitely won’t be going until the she wee has been purchased but even thinking of doing this in the vicinity of my parents gives me awful flashbacks of stopping in a layby on the way to Wales as a child and not grasping the concept properly so ended up chaffing all day but too mortified to tell them!  Oh dear, what’s a girl to do!

I put on half a pound when I weighed myself on Friday – boo hoo – but as we were completely out of tonic, drank lots of delicious lovely wine.  It was made even worse as the scales were apparently “weighing light” according to Dave.  I will definitely pay for this next week but I’ve a mountain of space food coming on Monday so determined to lose half a stone in June.

I am sure I will do this but it has become a reality that I’d be leaving my current gig at the end of June so will be harder if I’m lolling about the house pretending to be busy for a few months.  It made me feel a bit sad telling my colleagues but there’ll be other good contracts out there and one of them has my name on it. There have been days where I have hated my job but it’s always the people I had a phone interview on Thursday so fingers crossed it won’t be long.

Oopsy, I completely forgot my nephew’s post lack of exam and lack of prom treat.  I am an absolutely stickler for keeping things equal between my nephew and niece so was in danger of not fulfilling my strict rules.  Anyway, he was very grateful but he can’t spend it on anything he really would like to do which is a real shame.  He is actually very good at delaying his gratification so he’ll be grand.

My list:  When I was doing a daily blog, I didn’t notice how much TV I was watching but when you put it all together, it is quite a list!  No wonder I don’t have time to exercise as this week’s TV has been The Inbetweeners, Derry Girls, First Team (check out my separate review from last week), Code 404, Brassic, Modern Family and Carshare (it was the “Hot Stepper” episode but the outtakes are much funnier).  I even started watching Little Fires Everywhere but not sure I will invest as Reese Witherspoon seems to be playing the same character she played in Big Little Lies.  I also checked out Charlotte’s podcast on Mermaids and it was ok but not brilliant as I fell asleep mid-waffle.

Oh, and it’s not just that, I’ve nearly finished my book “The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year” and it is really good – a little bit farcy but worth a read; I got an A+ for my Italian homework (poor Dave only got an A and he wasn’t happy!); a few games of Mah Jong; and some actual cooking.  WOW!!  When you put it all together, that’s a lot with a full on full time job too.  No wonder I don’t want lockdown to fully end.

My lowlight: We still can’t see mum & dad as they are shielding.

My highlight: Sitting out and chilling in the sun ALL WEEKEND.  It was nothing short of blissful.

So, that’s week 10. I’ve got 4 weeks left in work so I hope the weather remains sunny so I can still chill out in the garden for a bit.


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