People’s History Museum (PHM) is opening its doors digitally to invite families to join
the national museum of democracy for some half term fun. The museum’s Learning
Team and freelance artists that it works with have put together a programme designed
to inspire creative campaigning, playful protest, democratic discovery and vital voters.

All the half term activities form part of Ideas Worth Exploring, a programme of digital
exploration that enables people to participate with People’s History Museum remotely
until it is able to open to the public again.

Doodle Den

Available any time

Age range: 7+

How to take part: 

Doodle Den is all about scribbling, sketching and silliness.  Pick up a pencil and something to doodle on (if you are using recycled materials, then even better!), make a den from chairs and blankets, get yourself comfy with cushions and then you are all set.  The doodle challenges created by PHM’s Learning Team will take your imagination on a journey and explore the ideas for the changes you’d like to see.  What would the world look like if it was ruled by children?

The Fabric of Protest

Saturday 23 May 2020 (2.00pm to 3.00pm)

Age range: 11+

How to take part: join in on Instagram @phmmcr

The Fabric of Protest is a textile workshop led by artist Helen Mather full of stitching, collaging, sharing and chatting that’s creative starting point is the museum’s collection.  For this session the inspiration could not be more appropriate, with the ‘There Is No Planet B’ placard taking centre stage as a reminder of how the recent lockdown has impacted on people’s relationship with the natural world.  This piece was collected at the first Youth Climate Strike in Manchester (15 February 2019), with the reverse reading ‘If you don’t act like adults we will’. 


The placard, like so many protest banners, was made resourcefully just as the session is designed to be.  A selection of fabrics, colourful paper (magazines, wrapping paper), recycled pots and wrappers, sewing needle and pins, threads and scissors are all that is needed with a downloadable guide to help participants prepare available here:

My First Protest Song

Thursday 4 June 2020 (11.00am to 11.40am)

Age range: under 3s and their families

How to take part: join in on Facebook @PHMMcr

Originally a session for babies and tots taking place in the museum, My First Protest Song has a new online home.  This fun and energising session is led by singer-songwriter Matt Hill who will strum out some toe tapping tunes from times of change on his guitar for you to sing, dance or play along to.  So grab your shakers and drums and get ready for a sing along.

Vital Voters

Available any time

Age range: 10 to 18

How to take part:

Calling all young film-makers!  The environment, greener transport, the natural world, animal welfare; whatever the ideas worth fighting for that matter to you, Vital Voters will provide the inspiration to bring your campaign to life on film.  This immersive experience enables young people to explore democracy using their voices to see what a powerful force for change it can be.  

Download the Vital Voters guide to film-making where you find insider tips on scripts, storyboards, sound effects and more.  Submit your completed film and you could find it making an appearance on the Vital Voters gallery: 

The full Ideas Worth Exploring programme of activities can be found here:

People’s History Museum is currently closed due to Covid-19, but you can stay in touch by visiting, signing up to the e-newsletter, subscribing to the blog, or following the museum on social media on Twitter @PHMMcr, Facebook @PHMMcr, and Instagram @phmmcr.



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