You need your house to reflect what you are all about and make it look good. The backyard is also a part of the house and a need for a patio in it is important if you want to spend quality time outdoors in the fresh air. DIY is one of the best ways to make your ideas come to life but there is still room for a mistake. It is recommended that you hire professionals to do patio designs because patio designing takes a different approach than indoor design. Here are a few patio design mistakes to avoid.

1.Don’t Make It a Luxury of Indoor Space

The patio is in the backyard which is outdoors and many of us don’t realize that. The common mistake they make is that they forget that the patio wouldn’t be sufficient if they are creating a living room outdoors. Furniture, table and other stuff that would be in a living room are not required to design a patio. It takes a completely different approach because it incorporates many different activities in one place.

2. The Weather Aspect

Since the weather can be changing throughout the year it can affect your patio in different ways if you aren’t careful. In stormy weather, you wouldn’t want to be the one to be moving heavy furniture inside and let it be a bothersome experience rather than enjoy the weather. The solution is to either buy the furniture that would endure the harsh weathers or buy something lightweight that can easily be carried to a safe place for it not to be ruined.

Not only that, but you should also ensure the proper drainage system in your patio. If there is no proper drainage then you may end up with damaged furniture no matter how durable they are.

3. Making Them Crowded With Plants

Plants and flowers are a great way to increase freshness and beauty to your backyard especially to your patio but including them too much is also not attractive. There are a lot of things that can be used as a decorative item in your patio. Garden Landscaping is one of them. Leave the plants and flowers to a separate corner of the backyard when gardening and have a little space for a sitting area and table for your patio. Don’t leave the plants out of the picture totally, include some of it so that the area looks fresh and creates a great aesthetic.

4. Improper Arrangement of Furniture

The patio looks nice because of the furniture. If the furniture is improperly placed then it takes away the whole aesthetic. When placing furniture, use chairs to face each other to encourage conversation. Also, consider the placement of the sun in your because wrong placement can make it unbearable to sit outside on a sunny day. Have your patio designed near a wall or add a shade or umbrellas.

5. Include Enough Stuff

Too much or too less furniture or décor will make the patio look over or under accessorized. The number of things you put in your patio must balance the size of the patio so that it shows decorative items as well as creates space.


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