The Prime Minister has admitted the level of COVID cases is “high” and says that he is “watching the numbers very carefully every day” – but insisted he is “sticking with our plan”

On a visit to Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson told jourmalists

“You’re absolutely right the number of infections are high. But we’re within the parameters of what the predictions were, what SPI-M and the others said where we would be at this stage given the steps that we’ve taken.

The UK he said was in an “incomparably better” position than 12 months ago due to the “huge level of protection” now provided by COVID vaccines, which mean 90% of the adult population currently have coronavirus antibodies.

“The numbers are high, we can see what’s happening, we can see the increase, now is the time to get those booster jabs and also to vaccinate the 12 to 15-year-olds as well”,

He added that any problems with the booster rollout were caused by people not coming forward, not by a shortage of vaccines.

There’s certainly no shortage of supply. We’ve got the jabs. We’ve got huge quantities of vaccine, of Pfizer, and AstraZeneca but Pfizer is the one that we’re using for the for booster. Come forward and get it when you’re when your time comes. It’s a demand issue; we really urge people to come and do it.

Earlier in the Downing Street briefing the Prime minister’s spokesman said the government’s science advisers have not formally requested a move to the plan B measures in the winter Covid plan.


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