Boris Johnson has refused to rule out a Christmas of supply chain disruption as he made a pre conference visit to a youth club in Gorton.

Speaking on a visit to The HideOut youth club on Hyde Road  he declined to promise that shelves would not be left empty but said:

“I’m very confident this Christmas will be considerably better.”

Earlier also interviewed in Manchester on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show,Johnson played down labour shortages as a “period of adjustment” that would see wages increase.

Pressed on the haulage crisis, he said: “When people voted for change in 2016 and when people voted for change again in 2019, they voted for the end of a broken model of the UK economy that relied on low wages and low skills and chronic low productivity – and we’re moving away from that.”

He said the country is going through a “period of adjustment” to a higher-wage economy after Brexit. “The way forward for our country is not to just pull the big lever marked ‘uncontrolled immigration,’”


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