Moving to a new house is one of those things that everybody talks about as if the way to go about it is obvious, but most of us only do it a few times, and when you’re faced with it, it can be both exciting and somewhat daunting. That is particularly the case when moving into your first home.

When settled into the new home you will probably start thinking about how you can improve it to make your day to day living more enjoyable and practical, and to increase the value of the property when you eventually come to sell. Just a small amount of work and expenditure could increase the value of your home by thousands of pounds.

Add an extension

Okay, it’s a big one, but investing in an extension can greatly increase the value of your home on top of the amount it costs to have the work done. That applies whether it enlarges your kitchen, adds an extra room, or provides a conservatory space to relax in. Potential buyers looking for houses in Manchester will be seeing many places that are basically very similar in design, and the ultimate way to make your house more comfortable and appealing is to add extra space, even if some of the garden is lost as a result. The only real downside is that this takes time, so it’s no help if you need to sell quickly. A conservatory is usually the quickest option and adding some exotic plants and attractive furnishings will give it added appeal.

Improve your kitchen

Most people have their own idea of what they want their home to look like and will redecorate as soon as they move in (which is why a house for sale should be painted in neutral shades, making it easier for a purchaser to project their style onto it). The one room they’ll usually keep as it is the kitchen, so checking out the latest kitchen designs and giving yours an additional wow factor can significantly increase your sale price. The simplest way to do this is to invest in a standout feature. An Aga cooker can add an additional £3,000 to the value of your home on top of the cost of purchase and fitting. A handsome new oven, an American-style fridge or a shiny new washing machine can also be a great investment. Those kinds of features will make your home more memorable and viewers more likely to seriously consider buying it.

Refresh fixtures and fittings

When prospective buyers view your home, they want to see something that looks fresh and exciting, not something old and scruffy. Don’t leave tired old curtains hanging in place – switch them for something from California Shutters for a chic new look. Replace your carpets, or at least deep clean them, and add a couple of attractive rugs – a fluffy new sheepskin rug will only set you back about £15 and can make a bedroom look much more luxurious. Apply fresh paint to walls and woodwork and take the time to fill up all those tiny little cracks and cover all the small stains that let your house down. Fit a new power shower in the bathroom and scrub away excess grout to smarten up the tiles or go all out and fit a Jacuzzi to create a sense of indulgence.

Increase kerb appeal

The first image most prospective buyers will get of your house is the way it looks from the street. That is why you need to give it what’s called ‘kerb appeal’ – that special something that makes you pause to admire a well-kept place as you pass by. If you have a front garden, take the time to tidy it up and fill it with flowering plants (you’ll find something in bloom at almost any time of year). If you don’t have a garden, window boxes or hanging baskets can have a similar effect. Tidy up your drive or pathway, fixing loose stones and removing gravel that has spilled over the edges. Get your windows cleaned and repaint your front door. Attend to every detail to make sure that your house looks its best.

Ultimately, the best way to show off the home you’re selling is to imagine what would make you fall in love with it again if you were buying. The extra care and attention you put into making it more appealing can pay off handsomely, leaving you in a much better financial position after your sale is completed.


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