Moving home is quite the ordeal. From the moment you sign for your new house, to the second the last box is lifted from the removal van, everything about getting to your brand new abode certainly isn’t easy – and then you have to settle in. No one ever said moving house is easy, but luckily there is plenty you can do to make the entire process of unpacking and settling in so much easier, especially after moving to a new city. Here, we’ve pulled together five ways to help make yourself at home at your brand new Mancunian house.

Decorate With Comfort In Mind

When you move in, it’s unlikely that everything about your new home is going to be exactly how you want it. You’ll probably want to replace wallpaper, fix carpets, tidy up the garden – the list could be endless. What we suggest, however, is making sure that you stop and consider your comfort before breaking out the fresh paint or brand new furniture. While treating yourself to a brand new set of teak garden furniture is very much encouraged, ensuring that comfort is the central focus is vital. Additionally, choosing warm, comforting colours for your main living areas, or even choosing the same colours that you had in the rooms at your previous home could be the solution you need.

Be Active

Being proactive when you move house is a must when it comes to feeling at home quickly. Don’t leave those boxes unpacked for too long. Unpack, set things out and rearrange them if you have to until you feel completely at peace with how the room looks. Spend time with your family, invite new friends over for coffee or dinner and keep yourself busy. If you continue on with routines and your everyday life, you’ll find yourself feeling right at home before too long.

Surround Yourself With Familiar Things

One of the main reasons for unpacking so quickly is so that you can get your things out and into your rooms. Fill your bedroom up with the same things that were in your room at your old home, and decorate your living room with everything that is so distinctly yours. Familiarity is the key to feeling comfortable somewhere new, so make the most of all of those belongings you kept ‘just in case’ and get them out and around the house!

Get Out Of The House

It might seem counterproductive to get out of the house when you’re supposed to be feeling at home, but Manchester is an incredible city and a welcoming one at that. Immerse yourself in your new location, meet new people, make friends and get familiar with your immediate area. All of this can have you feeling at home not only in your new house, but in your new community too.

Surround Yourself With Living Things

Family, friends, pets and plants – these are all living things that you can surround yourself with, and believe us when we say that this is one of the simplest ways to start making yourself feel comfortable. When we’re alone, our thoughts and emotions can often distort into being far harsher than they truly are, while spending time around the people we love can help us put things back into perspective. Plants are a great way to add a little life to your home too, and make it feel more like a living space rather than just a room with furniture in it. Easy-to-care-for plants are ideal, but it all depends on your lifestyle!

With our tips and plenty of patience, you’ll be feeling at home in no time. Moving house is always a daunting task, but by careful decorating, ensuring you have all of your home comforts available to you and making new friends in your area, you can get yourself feeling comfortable, so why not give them a try? Welcome to Manchester.


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