Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry, is launching a brand new contemporary science programme, Pi, on Saturday 26th April. Built around a one of a kind, flexible pop-up space, the Platform for Investigation will be the Museum’s brand new and portable hub for families and scientists to creatively explore science.

The Platform for Investigation which is being supported by Siemens, is designed and built by Manchester based 24 Design. It contains scientific equipment and high-tech audiovisual features. An innovative Arduino chip powered LED light display will allow scientists, artists, researchers and visitors to interact with the Platform for Investigation to make the wonder of science and technology more accessible to and for all.

Pi: Platform for Investigation will run monthly on Saturdays and allow visitors to ask questions, experience what it is like to be a scientist and get involved with real scientific research.Fusing art with science, Pi: Platform for Investigation opens up the world of science to all. Visitors can get hands-on with a whole manner of subjects in our forthcoming programme of events and live science experiments, from sports science where we explore how aerodynamics leads track cyclists to victory to the minute world of the Higgs boson which the Platform will help bring to life.

This Saturday, April 26th, the inaugural Pi: Platform for Investigation session offers visitors the opportunity to meet the designers and creative team behind the platform. Interactive drop-in sessions are on offer as are the first ever tours of this new and tactile Platform for Investigation.

MOSI Director Jean Franczyk says: “It is very exciting to be working with Siemens to launch our new Platform for Investigation. This feature is sure to become a real talking point for our visitors and one that will enhance their experience and understanding of science in the world around us.”

Saturday 26th 10.30am – 3.30pm Admission is Free

Image Credit 24 Design




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