They say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but this Thursday at Yard & Coop things are about to get seriously heated at the Edge Street Restaurant.

 Thursday 22 March marks National Chicken Wings Day (of course) and the Home of Buttermilk Fried Chicken is turning up the heat with a seriously spicy challenge for those who dare to pluck up the courage to take it on.

 Yard & Coop has teamed up with The Chilli Shop, based just over the Pennines in Leeds, who have been kind (or cruel) to let the chef team at the Northern Quarter Restaurant use their infamous chilli sauce, The Caroline Reaper, using you’ve guessed it, the hottest chilli in the world, The Carolina Reaper. Measuring at 2.2 million scovilles on the heat scale, this is one seriously fiery number.

 Carl Morris, owner of Yard & Coop, explains the challenge: “The challenge is simple, six wings in five minutes. If our diners manage to take on the challenge and power through all six then the wings are totally free, not to mention you can bask in all the glory of beating your mates. If the heat becomes too much, the wings will be on your bill and a pint of milk will be presented, served with a small side of shame.

“This sauce is the hottest naturally made sauce known to man, so it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. Our only advice is to come prepared and try not to get too hot under the collar! Don’t forget to share your fiery experience with us on social, just tag in @yardandcoop.”

The Hot Wing Challenge will be available on Thursday 22 March, from 12pm to 11pm.

Either reserve a table by calling 0161 710 2570 or visit the website at Or just walk in on the day – Yard & Coop, Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester.


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