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There is no doubt that the booming local economy in Manchester makes it a perfect place to run a business.

From the fabulous proposed £850 million Mayfield regeneration scheme to the thriving tech sector in the city, local Manchester businesses are on the up. If you operate a business in the city, from Castlefield to Spinningfields, then using a CRM could see your growth sky-rocket.

What is CRM?

In a nutshell, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Its main goal is to allow your company to find potential customers and improve your existing customer relationships.

Many businesses now use CRM software to allow them to do this and have all the data they need to understand better what customers want. The real beauty of this is that an effective CRM system will allow your company to implement a CRM strategy to increase growth and take full advantage of Manchester’s thriving economy.

What are the benefits of CRM?

Implementing a CRM strategy based on solid data from your CRM system is beneficial to Manchester based businesses for a whole host of reasons:

  • Improved customer relations – one key feature where CRM is so good for local businesses is in improving customer relations. It provides an organised way of interacting with customers and also lets you understand their needs.
  • Increase revenue – another great feature of CRM for local businesses is that it will see revenue increase. CRM software will give you the information to reach new customers by targeting your marketing efforts where they will have most impact. That will naturally see your sales rise.
  • Better internal communication – a robust CRM strategy will allow better quality and more relevant information on your customers to be shared between departments. That means out of date information is eliminated, making for more productive and positive interactions with your client base.

How can your Manchester business introduce CRM into its operations?

Whether you run a café in the city centre or a restaurant in Canal Street, CRM can really work for you. The first step to implementation is finding a professional, effective CRM software package. That is essential as it will store and analyse all the data you need to develop a CRM strategy. MS Dynamics 365 is a great piece of CRM software that will allow you to focus your efforts on customer relations in an easy-to-use way.

Once you have a CRM system installed, then you need to develop a CRM strategy based on the data it collects. That will involve analysing the information contained in your CRM system for the local Manchester area and focusing on where your business could grow next.

CRM is just one piece of the picture

The focus of this article is CRM and how it can help your Manchester based business. Of course, there are other factors that all business leaders should tackle when improving their organisation’s workflow.

Always remember to communicate with your staff effectively and treat them well, as they will then treat your customers with respect and provide good service. Integrate with the broader business community in Manchester to get your business known by other Mancunian business leaders. Most importantly, always remember to give your customers the best possible experience so that they will come back.



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