Castlefield Gallery invited 15 artists from the North West to embark on a difficult but rewarding artistic journey this summer; recreate one of their own pieces of art, but with a bespoke ‘Obstruction’ chosen by another artist in the exhibition.

They described the exhibition as: “Inspired by a long history of artists using self-imposed restrictions to aid creative or free thinking, it also riffs off the restrictions and disruptions caused by COVID-19.”

The free exhibition is soon to be opened to the public, running from November 22, to next January 17, except when the gallery is closed between December 21, to January 5 2021.

Both a registered charity and a female led organisation, Castlefield Gallery pride themselves on their history of supporting artists from any age, since they opened 35 years ago.

They support artists in Greater Manchester through schemes such as their Artist Associates scheme, as well as collaborating with Universities and annual graduate programs.

More than financial support and exposure, the gallery also make a concerted effort to connect artists with each other throughout their careers, resulting in relationships and bonds being formed, not unlike those formed through this most recent exhibition.

The artists chosen for this project are all either under 30 or over 50 years old, which the gallery said creates “the opportunity to foster a conversation between two distinct generations.

“At a time when perceptions of different generations may be fraught with misconceptions, this process has enabled them to learn from each other.”

Each artist has dealt with their obstruction differently, but all have felt that it has widened their scope and enabled them to create beautiful artwork for the public to view.

Castlefield Gallery said: “Often the obstructions have sent the artists in oblique directions finding themselves meeting up with their childhood imaginary friend in meta-narrative film works or constructing a war time bunker for one. The potential for failure is part of the excitement of the project.”

Tickets to the preview of the exhibition on November 21, will be available soon.

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