Manchester, a northern English city with a population of over three million, is a bustling metropolis renowned for cultural and scientific innovation, architecture, sporting success and, especially, its thriving arts and music scene. If you’ve really connected with someone you met on a uk dating site and are looking for somewhere to spend an exciting date in this fabulous location, here are five of the most recommended spots.

Junkyard Golf

When you spring a surprise date event on your partner, they’re hardly going to be wowed if you suggest going for a curry or a heading off to the cinema. But how about something fun, quirky and exciting … with cocktails? Situated on Manchester’s First Street, in the heart of the city, this is a ‘crazy golf’ activity where you can have fun attempting to pot your ball in a series of ever wackier courses. The ‘Bozo’ course emulates a fairground, complete with circus freaks and a hall of mirrors; ‘Pablo’ takes you through a jungle; ‘Gary’ is a surreal trip through a car scrapyard, part of which is illuminated by ultra-violet light! Afterward, quench your thirst at a well-stocked bar.

Atlas Bar

What better way to enjoy a romantic few drinks together than sitting outside, on a terrace with heated seating? The Atlas Bar is located in the railway arches of Deansgate, the mile-long road traversing the city center. The staff serve a mouth-watering selection of gins – over 400 flavors from around the world at the last count – which you can relish while looking out over Castlefield Locks, a former industrial hub.

People’s History Museum

You only have to spend a moment gazing around Manchester’s mishmash of architecture to realize how steeped in history this city is. If you and your partner want to dip into the past, head over to the Left Bank and the People’s History Museum. There’s so much to see in the different galleries, with a current exhibition displaying suffragette banners to mark the 100th anniversary of some women achieving the right to vote in 1918. It’s no wonder the museum boasts the largest collection of political material in Britain. There are also music events, and after an afternoon absorbing the culture you can enjoy refreshing snacks together.

Pot Kettle Black Coffee

Head to the Barton Arcade, an intriguing warren of diverse shops and eateries housed inside a fabulous glass and iron façade, with domes. After browsing through the merchandise, pop into Pot Kettle Black Coffee, or PKB as it’s affectionately known to Mancunians. As well as a range of speciality coffees, this delightful restaurant offers a fine brunch menu. You can also choose from a range of smoothies, wines, beers, and cocktails. Either sit in and tuck in while you watch the world go by, or order a takeaway so you can carry on taking in Manchester’s many sights.

Cloud 23

The Hilton Tower is Manchester’s tallest skyscraper, and the also the highest building in England outside London. This vast glass structure rises to 554 feet (169 metres) and is a perfect venue for rounding off your romantic date when you catch the elevator to the 23rd floor, and the Cloud 23 restaurant. Here you can dine on a range of dishes, washed down with cocktails or champagne. But the real attraction is the unforgettable views across the city. During the day you’ll see as far as Snowdonia (the mountains in Wales), and as the sun sinks in the direction of Liverpool and the Irish Sea, you’ll marvel as the myriad lights of Manchester wink into life.


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