Photo books are a fantastic way to remember special times such as trips to the beach with the family or the most romantic moments with our partner. The more photo books you have, the more likely you’ve come to know one and thus all photo book styles. At least you think so. Not every photo books needs to be like the other. Here are some clever photo book ideas that will make your design quite extraordinary:

1. Children’s book

When a child reads a story, they can see the characters come to life in front of their eyes. To them, a story is real and when they read or are read them, they take part in those adventures. Why not make it real? With a little bit of photoshop skills you can create your very own children’s book. Make your children the stars of the story by using their photos for the picture book. Or you can write your own story with pictures from everyday life and extras such as cliparts and speech bubbles. There are also companies that turn a photo of your child into a cartoon character and let you order the children’s book directly.

2. Chat history

Relationships constantly change and evolve. Many things are not captured in a picture-perfect moment but they rather happen in everyday life, in between the lines. As our smartphones have become our constant companion, our relationships have also shifted a little into these devices. Much of our relationships can be found in the chat history of WhatsApp, Messenger, and the like. That’s why – especially for Valentine’s Day – a photo book with your chat history can be quite an impressive and romantic gift. There’s no need to be entirely linear, though: A few nice photos here and there will turn a transcript into a unique and clever gift.

3. Cookbook

Writing your own book is a dream for many. While getting published in this day and age is quite the challenge, there is a way to make the dream come true. Collect your recipes, steady the camera and start cooking, because you can create your very own cookbook with your all-time favourite recipes and lots of photos of your family and friends. Of course, photos of you actually cooking the meals are ideal, but it is entirely up to you. A cookbook also is a wonderful gift for friends, so you might as well order a few copies while you’re at it.

Photo books are always unique. They are your personal works of art and make for fantastic gifts for friends and family alike. With these 3 clever photo book ideas, you can create even more unique and extraordinary photo books that will surely stand out from the crowd. The most important thing to consider for your project is time: Be sure to put thought and love into your project and it will be a success. Choose good-quality images and make sure you include well-written descriptions, instructions, or stories to make it perfect.

The journey to your very own photo book should always include some research on the best product as well. After all, the best story can get lost in a less-than-perfect photo book. A practical way to go about finding the right service is to check websites that offer photo book deals, as they show you a wide variety of services but focus on the quality of the products. That way, you can make your decision based on price and quality instead of having to check each individual page to find the right fit for your photo book needs.


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