Humza Yousaf has resigned as First Minister of Scotland, just a year into the job.

“I am not willing to trade my principles or values or do a deal with whomever simply to retain power.” he told a Press Conference this lunchtime adding that  it was time for someone else to lead Scotland’s devolved government.

Yousaf has avoided  having to face a no confidence vote in his leadership after his broke a pact with the Scottish Greens last week, a vote that he was expected to lose

He will  step down as First Minister of Scotland after a leadership contest is completed.

In his resignation speech he admitted that he underestimated “ the hurt and upset “ that sacking the Greeen leaders would cause

In a tearful speech he added ‘Who could ask for a better country to lead than Scotland?’

Earlier this month, polling firm YouGov said the Labour Party had overtaken the SNP in voting intentions for a Westminster election for the first time in a decade.


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