Large brokers, such as Forex Time, allow you to trade in the Forex market professionally, with complete comfort and with all the guarantees. Choosing a good broker is essential for a successful Forex investment. And of course, you should also apply a lot of guidelines to operate in this market. These are our tips to succeed!

Tips for Choosing a Forex Broker

1. Reject those that offer rewards or bonuses

Serious brokers do not need to resort to these tricks to attract their customers. These types of incentives and bonuses usually have hidden pitfalls and most likely, in the best case, the cost of such a reward or a welcome bonus will be deducted from the amount that the client wants to withdraw. Besides, a good broker should also be well-versed in Forex VPS trading and its peculiarities.

2. Choose a solvent broker

The higher the net worth of the broker, the better he will be able to protect the money of his clients. To check the creditworthiness of the broker, it is advisable to find out the number of employees who work for him, the assistance and services they offer, the reputation of the broker, the number of his accounts, etc.

3. Duly regulation

The brokers must be properly regulated by the competent authorities of their countries. For example, in the case of the UK, this would be consistent with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). If the broker was based in undeveloped countries, it might be that the current rules of these countries were inappropriate for such a regulation.

4. Leverage

It is clear that the greater the leverage, the higher the risks and also the profits! It is important to choose a broker that offers greater leverage to have greater chances of large profits.


5. Accounts

A broker can offer different accounts:

  • Mini

This type of accounts requires little capital, which allows trading on Forex but with a lower level of leverage.

  • Standard

Is commonly used for opening larger positions.

  • Premium

This type of account offers the opportunity to open considerable positions.

6. Information and diagrams in real-time

Data updates are essential in making optimal investments.

7. Free demo account

Brokers should have free demos that allow them to operate in real-time so that the trader can practice while learning without risks and familiarize himself with the services offered by the broker.

8. Avoid hunters

This type of brokers generally sells or buys stock items based on pre-agreed points to increase their income. You can find out which ones visit special online forums or pry information out of other operators.

9. Automatic exercise

The speed with which a broker performs operations is highly important. Therefore, the broker should do this automatically, which will allow you to enter the market at a certain price.

10. A good broker does not charge commissions

Remember that the Forex broker is a simple intermediary, not an agent. Its benefits are generated by the spread.

11. Adequate customer service

A broker may be the best in the world, but it is useless if he cannot provide good customer service that effectively solves any problems or difficulties that may arise.


The broker you choose should have an effective service, solve problems, act quickly, have good reviews from other users and not impede the withdrawal of funds of various types of accounts.

By following these tips, you will have a better chance of choosing a good Forex broker!


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