Weed has been around for centuries, ranging from ancient rituals to people trying to relax after a long day of work. Although the use around the globe is common, the consumption of cannabis is still illegal in many countries. There are many good reasons why this is still the case. In this article, we will explore what these reasons are and why people are now looking at alternatives that help them achieve the same results in a healthier way. Ready? Let’s dive in!

What makes cannabis a bad product

There are many reasons why cannabis is considered “bad” for your health. For example, the product is mostly smoked which is harmful to your lungs. Not only does it bring cannabis into the body, but also other components such as tar enter. This has a significant impact on your health and should be prevented at all costs. Next to that, there is a psychoactive component present in cannabis. This is the reason why it is prohibited in many countries in the first place. It is known to influence your behavior and is also prohibited in traffic as it can result in accidents and bad driving behavior. 

There are benefits to consider

However, there are many people who benefit from its consumption on a daily basis. It can elevate pain, help against restlessness and reduce anxiety. However, the way it is consumed and the presence of THC is the thing that makes it bad for you. What if there is a way that you can have the benefits, but they do not come at a cost to your health? This is the promise that cannabis oil, known as CBD, wants to offer to its users. It can be consumed in drinks, food, and also in capsules that allow you to dose the consumption.

Cannabis oil comes in many variants

When it comes to cannabis oil, there are many types to consider. For example, the quality can be very different when comparing the products. A good indication of this difference is the way it is produced. 

Production method

Generally speaking, there are two extraction methods to consider: chemical and CO2 extraction. When it comes to chemicals, there are components being added to the plant which are then being filtered out after the oil is extracted. The quality of the oil is relatively low compared to CO2 extraction. When it comes to the latter method, there is essentially only CO2 added and this results in a pure oil product.

Compare the different types of oil before you purchase

To make an informed decision, it makes sense to compare the products. If you are interested to learn more about the high-quality CO2 extracted product, we recommend checking out the website of Cibdol. This is a Swiss-based company that is active in the domain for a long period of time. They offer lots of informative articles on their website to discuss cannabis oil: https://www.cibdol.com/. 


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