The second your vehicle leaves the lot; it begins to depreciate. This means no matter what you do, you will never recover the cost of your car. However, with proper maintenance, and showering it with love, you can boost the value.


The first line of defense for your automobile is with regular maintenance. Keep track of when you have oil changes and servicing. The owner’s manual will tell you how often this needs to be performed and any notes you need to keep. Operating the vehicle with correctly inflated tires that are rotated is also important. Finally, make sure you only use fluids designed for your vehicle to prevent problems later down the road.

Exterior Cleaning

Washing and waxing your vehicle keeps the car looking nice, but it also protects the paint. During the winter, you need to routinely wash the salt off the car. The substances used to make roads safer to drive on strip paint and corrode the underside of vehicles.

Reduce Consumption Inside

While convenient, the fastest way to damage the interior of a vehicle is by consuming food or beverages while driving. If you find this is too difficult for you or your family, limit the drinks to non-spill cups with straws. Opening soda cans or bottles release the carbonation that includes small amounts of syrup into the air. There is almost no way to prevent food from making a mess, but prohibiting sticky items will help. Finally, prohibit smoking inside the car.

Use Floor Mats

Shoes track in everything you could possibly imagine, and you grind it into the fabric while driving. The best car mats are rubber and easy to remove. This allows you to take them out regularly to clean. When you first purchase a vehicle, they often have fabric car mats. These are great at protecting the main flooring in your vehicle. However, they will wear quickly. With rubber mats from Simply car mats, the material is sturdier and protects against any spilled beverage or liquid your shoes track in.

Seat Covers

Your floor is not the only material that wears with constant use. Every time you enter your vehicle, you rub against the fabric of your seats. Purchasing seat covers extend the life of the car’s interior and gives a barrier against spills. Thankfully, the variety of protection available allows you to customize the interior and even create a more comfortable ride.

Vacuum Regularly

In addition to washing the car mats, vacuum your vehicle every week. Just as the carpets in your home need cleaning, automobiles collect debris as well. Every few months, it is a good idea to detail the interior. This means using small brushes and clean cracks, crevices, and under the seats. You do not want to forget the trunk either.

Use Conditioners

All fabric lasts longer when you treat it properly. With clothing, you wash weekly and use fabric softener to prolong life. Your vehicle should be treated the same. If your seats are fabric, you will want to use a fabric cleaner to remove sweat, dirt, and ground in food. However, if you have leather seats, you will need to take a few extra steps. A gentle cleanser is necessary as soon as a mess is made and then conditioned once a month. This material is prone to drying and cracking, so attention is needed regularly.

Crack Windows when Possible

Heat dries anything it encounters, and your car is no different. During the summer months, leave your windows open a small crack whenever possible. If you have rain guards on your window, this is easier. The opening will allow the hot air to vent out and prevent over-drying the interior. The temperature in your vehicle will climb quickly during the summer months. It is common to see temperatures well over 100 degrees F, even when it is only 80 degrees F outside.

Block Sunlight

Tinting your windows protect your privacy but also saves your interior from sun damage. There are limits to how dark you can make the glass. Therefore, for additional protection, purchase a window blocker for your windshield. There are several styles, including ones that will reflect the sun and keep it cooler in your car. If you can park in the shade and walk, this is also desired.

Clean Glass

While you are cleaning the dashboard, watch the buildup on the glass inside your car. You remember to wash your windows while filling the gas tank; however, much of the grime on a window is actually on the interior. It is easy to forget how much gunk collects until you apply a little glass cleaner and elbow grease. It is important to use microfiber towels so that you do not scratch the surface. If you do allow smoking inside your car, cleaning the glass is even more vital.

Place Towels Under Car Seats

If you have children, even seat covers are not enough to protect your vehicle. Before installing a car seat, lay down a towel or specific seat mats. Seats will dig into the fabric while they are locked into place, and then there is the child’s weight. It is easy to see how quickly the seat can become damaged. Many baby supply stores sell specialty covers that also include bags for toys and snacks for convenience. Regardless of which route you decide, the stability of the car seat is not a concern. This is because the several locking straps will keep the child in place.

Remove Trash Regularly

Trash is the number one battle for any car owner. Wrappers, empty cups, and other debris builds up quickly and allows other dirt to become hidden. Every day, you will want to remove the trash from your car. In addition to boosting the look of your auto, you also improve the smell. It is important to remember that paper cups will weaken with time, so the syrup will leak if a drink is left too long. It is much easier to remove a piece of trash than it is to scrub dried on syrup.

You spend a lot of money when you purchase a vehicle to transport your family, so you want to take care of it. Whether it is car mats for Audi cars or remembering to detail, a few steps prolong the value. It also shows off your pride knowing you care for your automobile.



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