Tony Lloyd, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Rochdale, claims Rochdale children are being robbed of their future by Tory school cuts.

Rochdale parents will be shocked that research shows every school in  Rochdale will have a lot less money to spend in 2020, in real-terms, than they had in 2015.

The research, carried out by the school cuts coalition of unions (NEU, NAHT, ASCL, UNISON, GMB and Unite) also reveals that the average cut per pupil in Rochdale between 2015 and 2020-21 amounts to £423.

Tony Lloyd said, “Young people, parents and teachers are seeing the everyday impact of the school funding crisis. Yet the Tories continue to underfund and under-deliver on their responsibility to schools and Rochdale’s children and young people.

“I encourage parents to look at the School Cuts website to see for themselves how schools in Rochdale continue to be damaged by these deeply unfair cuts.

“Austerity in our schools must end. The next Labour government will end cuts to school budgets and give our schools the resources they need, and increase per pupil funding to a record high. Only a Labour government will fully reverse these Tory cuts and give our schools the funding they need.”

Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary, National Education Union, said, “Parents, teachers and school leaders need no lectures on the impact of the school funding crisis.

“And children who started school in 2015 will have seen no relief by 2021 in 83% of schools – their whole school career has been blighted.

“It is galling for everyone in the education community that the Government continues to underfund and under-deliver on their responsibility to the nation’s schools.”

Jon Richards, head of education at UNISON, said, “The overwhelming majority of schools are now significantly poorer.

“New funds promised won’t make up for money snatched from them in the past. Every day cash-strapped schools are having to let valued support staff go.

“The government’s school funding agency won’t bail out overspent academies unless they slash their staff costs. With schools so hard up, classrooms across the country are feeling the squeeze.”


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