Netflix and Disney Plus are the two biggest streaming service providers on the planet. While Disney Plus is comparatively new to the streaming service industry, it has created a well-known and respected reputation.

When launched, it only had 10 million but what’s impressive is that it wasn’t even launched globally. If only it had opened its door to streamers from all the major countries in the world, then this number would surely be higher.

It’s no surprise that due to the geo-restriction set up by these providers, more and more users are forced to use unblocking tools such as VPN to watch their favorite shows and movies. This causes these streaming giants to lose valuable subscribers as a result of account sharing and overcoming geo-restrictions.

Cheap Virtual Private Network providers and greater accessibility to such tools have also damaged these services’ terms of services and subscriber count repeatedly. Even if you cannot purchase a premium VPN service, you can always rely on the free ones to get the job done.

Don’t trust us? Then check out these free VPNs for Netflix that should also work for Disney Plus from anywhere. But then again, it’s always better to go for paid VPNs.

While Disney Plus has made a massive impact on the streaming industry in just a few months since its launch, can it give tough competition to Netflix? Stick around as we see the features that still give Netflix an edge over Disney Plus.

What gives Netflix an edge over Disney+?


The interface of both of the streaming platforms is more or less similar. One of the main differences between the two is that Netflix starts playing the title automatically if you hover your mouse over it. This is entirely interactive and useful as you get a decent amount of idea about the show with just a few seconds of video.

Apart from that, when it comes to streaming, Disney Plus allows you to forward or rewind the video for about 10 seconds, pause it, and play it on full screen. Whereas Netflix not only enables you to forward and rewind but also lets you jump back and forth between episodes, read their synopsis, adjust the subtitle and the speed of the video as well.


As of this moment, Netflix is available in 190 countries. The only countries where it is not available are China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria.

When launched, Disney Plus was only available in the US to gradually expand to other countries. The countries where it was made available right after the US included Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia. In March, the service was made available in Europe, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and India.

Netflix has an undisputed advantage over Disney Plus and other major streaming service providers in terms of availability.


Disney Plus has about 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of various TV shows compared to Netflix’s enormous library consisting of over 4,000 films and 47,000 episodes.

Just to give you an idea about how extensive the Netflix library is, US Netflix alone holds about 5,600+ movies and TV series.

While both the streaming services focus on providing quality content and continuously produce binge-worthy and original content, there is only one winner here when it comes to the number of titles.

One other significant difference between the two is that Disney Plus allows you to set up seven different profiles on a single subscription. In contrast, Netflix only will enable you to specify five profiles.

Also, in terms of releasing the content, Disney Plus has adopted the idea of releasing 1 episode per week while Netflix just drops the whole series at once, allowing its users to binge-watch the complete content in a single sitting.

You can also boost your Netflix library experience with these simple tips – to get access to hidden content.


Netflix offers three different subscription plans. The basic subscription, Standard subscription, and Premium subscription. The basic subscription doesn’t even include HD streaming and only works on a single screen cost ($8.99).

At the same time, Disney Plus offers a single plan that provides for all the service features for just ($6.99). The same subscription includes ten simultaneous devices at once.

While some would see this as a Disney Plus screen, if you consider the number of titles you are getting with Netflix and the features concerning the video, Netflix still has an advantage over Disney Plus.

Also, Disney Plus offers only a seven-day free trial, while Netflix offers its subscribers a 30-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

So does Netflix have the edge over Disney Plus? Yes, it does. With an enormous library of content, affordable subscription plans, unique and easy-to-use user interface – Netflix is undoubtedly the go-to solution for all of your streaming requirements.

While Disney Plus content focuses more on family-oriented content, Netflix originals are some of the most famous shows worldwide.

In the prospect, with more focus on the availability of a vast content store – Disney Plus can easily give a hard time to Netflix, but for now, Netflix is the undisputed champion of the streaming services.

We also got a few streaming secrets that every streamer should be aware of to get the best out of their subscribed service.


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