Salford’s new ambassador has started work, but the city hasn’t declared independence or forged its own pre-Brexit deal.

Instead new recruit Charlotte Harrison will be focusing on encouraging young people to follow in her footsteps and head for university.

The new voluntary role will see Charlotte visiting local high school and speaking to students about her experience at Exeter University as part of Salford City Council’s drive to encourage young people to get the best results they can and aim high.

Charlotte, 22, from Swinton, graduated last year with first class honours in maths and theology from Exeter University and is now back in her home city working full time as operations manager for an international proof reading company.

But, thanks to a scholarship and mentoring from the Dick Camplin Education Trust and the support of her new bosses, she will be taking time to encourage other students to consider higher education.

“I really enjoyed studying maths and theology – you’ve got the rational, logical thinking in maths and the less structured freeform thinking of theology, so it was the perfect combination for me,” said Charlotte.

“I made loads of friends and really developed my sport, touch rugby, at university. It’s more popular in South America and the southern hemisphere so my university club is the biggest in the northern hemisphere and I’m very proud of being part of that.

“I also enjoyed walking, adventuring and photography in Devon and I’d say to anyone that university is not just about the degree. Take any opportunities you can to enjoy your time there.

“Initially it was scary having the loan andfees to pay but it’s an investment. You find ways to manage and I wouldn’t like to think I had missed out on university for the sake of it. Doing my job now, I can see how my degree has prepared me for it, so I can see the benefits.”


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