You may have wondered if you can ditch the main dealer to take your vehicle to other Volkswagen garages situated in Manchester. If you are looking for servicing or repairs that are high quality, convenient and cost-effective, the main dealer might not be your best bet.

Interestingly, even at a cheaper price, you can receive a service that is either of the same quality or better, at a renowned Volkswagen specialist in Manchester. However, due to fears pertaining to resale value and warranty, many people stick to the main dealer. In this article, we will help eliminate a few such misconceptions. 

Concerns Over Warranty

Many people believe that servicing their vehicle at an independent VW garage renders their new vehicle warranty void. However, this is not the case. Under the relevant legislation, all manufacturers are required to offer a warranty of a minimum of two years, starting on the date of registration. Moreover, the manufacturer of the car holds no authority to coerce a buyer into servicing their new vehicle at their official dealership. However, manufacturers do have the liberty to determine a set of conditions pertaining to when and how the car can be serviced when it is still in warranty. 

Typically, manufacturers mandate that the car must be serviced at specified intervals when the vehicle is still in warranty. The exact schedule is provided by them. Moreover, the original parts must be retained in the vehicle and you are required to maintain all the service records. However, there is no stipulation that you must use the main dealers for your service, repair or MOT requirements. Therefore, your warranty will not be affected if you do service your car at the required intervals at a reputable VW garage in Manchester. 

Moreover, to maintain your warranty you must ensure that all the procedures mandated by the manufacturer are carried out and the consumables and spares used are genuine in nature. You should also make sure that the service book is updated and your bills and receipts are retained for proof.

If your vehicle is out of warranty then it makes sense to consider the lower cost option of a specialist rather than the main dealer or a garage that services all brands of vehicle.

Concerns Over Service Quality

Often, new car owners worry about the quality of service provided by independent garages. They are apprehensive about the spare parts used as well as the skills of the mechanics. Moreover, it is also a common perception that the cost-effective charges incurred at such garages are a result of cutting corners and incorporating cheap spare parts. While this is not always the case, the quality will not be an issue if you are confident about the garage. 

In the event that you do visit an independent VAG specialist in Manchester to get your Volkswagen serviced, you can be sure that the service quality will not be subpar. The majority of mechanics who are employed at such specialist garages were previously employees at the official dealerships or underwent training under the manufacturer. 

Therefore, they are well-versed with the steps that must be undertaken and the standards of service expected by the customer. The majority of garages offer a specialised service option for cars in warranty and another for older vehicles. Regardless of which option works for you, you can be assured that they will conduct comprehensive check-ups, provide the best quality spares and repair your vehicle efficiently.

Independent VW specialists have access to the same VW database as the main dealer. After all if VW doesn’t support independentt garages just as well as the main dealer it will reflect badly on their brand if independents are blocked or limited in maintaining a VW vehicle to the highest standard. It’s just good business sense, to support the independet garages as it has a very real benefit to the brand overall.

Concerns Over Resale Value

Although ensuring that your car is serviced at the official dealership can help maintain its value, there are several other parameters that play a crucial role. Typically, potential buyers are keener to learn about your vehicle’s mileage  and whether your car was serviced at time intervals specified by the manufacturer.   

Therefore, if you get your vehicle serviced at a renowned Volkswagen garage on time, its value will be retained for reselling. However, the resale value of a car only benefits from a full service history if the car is less than five years old.

Undoubtedly, you can receive a good quality Volkswagen service at the main dealership. However, it is often expensive and not the most convenient. Typically, a few complimentary services are offered by manufacturers for new cars but the benefits generally end there. Moreover, you must take your vehicle to the official dealer garage if the vehicle requires a repair whilst still under warranty. Any other service, repair or MOT can be undertaken at any reputable Volkswagen garage. For a lower cost, you can enjoy a high quality, more convenient and more personalised service experience. 

If you are looking for a Volkswagen service in the Manchester area, look no further than VolksMaster. They are Volkswagen specialists and they will ensure that your car undergoes a dealer quality service or better, without emptying your pocket. They also go beyond the main dealer customer service by offering a collection and return service, were they will collect your vehicle from your home or work, carry out the required service, repair or MOT and return it to you at a time covenient to you. 

Alternatively if you would still like to remain mobile they also offer a free courtesy car service. Moreover, they will also update your service book and digital service records. You can learn more about Volksmaster by visiting their site to view prices, learn more about their collection, service and return program and how it’s not always the best option to go to the main dealer.


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