A lot of people work hard and at the end of the day want to have a way to relax, unwind and be entertained. This is why hobbies are such a popular concept for those all around the world.

There are a few hobbies in particular that have become worldwide trends that you may be interested in learning more about or will want to consider trying yourself. Learn more about these activities so that you can determine if they’re ideas you want to tackle in the future or not. Sometimes your best option is to do what’s trending because this way you can more or less guarantee it’ll be worth your time and energy.

Extreme Sports

One unusual hobby that has become a worldwide trend is participating in extreme sports. People are risking their lives for the thrill of overcoming their fears and jumping, flying and skating their way to fortune and fame. If you’re looking for an unusual sport that’s a little tamer, you may want to check out ultimatejuice.co.uk so you can compete in one of the many competitive sport cloud chasing competitions that exist out there. 


More and more people want to save their hard-earned money and shop wisely instead of spending lavishing on items they don’t truly need. Therefore, couponing is another unusual hobby that has become a worldwide trend. It’s the act of taking the time to go to great lengths to purchase products at impressively low prices that will help you to save more money in the long run. There are now online and offline ways to coupon and collect discounts so you don’t have to feel guilty shopping any longer.

Eating Contests

It’s now common to turn on the television and see people participating in a wide variety of food eating contests. For example, there are competitors from around the world who will take on the challenge to eat as many hot dogs as possible in the shortest amount of time. It’s amazing to watch and these competitors have fans who will follow them all around the world cheering them on. If this interests you then know you need to take the time to train and prepare to compete so your body is ready to consume all of that food so quickly.

Excessive Dog Grooming & Competitions

People are obsessed with their puppies and dogs these days and with good reason. This is why dog grooming and dog competitions have become a worldwide trend. It’s fun and interesting to see what costumes the dog groomers will come up with for their furry companions. You can flip on the television these days and watch dogs being pranced around and showing off so they can be best in show and win great prizes. 


They say that everyone eventually gets their fifteen minutes of fame. Therefore, many people are taking this goal into their own hands by participating in the hobby of news-bombing. This is the act of making sure to get in the background of any sort of important news show or newscast and being able to wave back home to family and friends. You may have noticed this yourself while watching television and see people who are on their phones or attempting to make statements and gestures behind the newscaster who has the microphone and is trying to report on a story. You never know when your news-bombing experience may get picked up by the major networks and be broadcasted all around the world.

Taking Selfies


These days just about everyone who you meet of all ages owns a phone of their own with a camera. Another unusual hobby that has become a worldwide trend is the act of taking selfies. Individuals are not only taking them in their everyday lives, but also trying to capture the most spectacular moments both up high and near and far around the world. Unfortunately, this is also a dangerous hobby and many people have experienced injuries trying to take selfies in places that are not always suitable for capturing a picture. Therefore, put safety first when choosing this hobby and be wise about when you opt to take out and use your phone camera for a selfie. 

Creating Funny Videos


In addition to seeing more phone cameras, you’re also probably seeing a lot more funny videos hitting the internet and television via sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Many people are taking up the hobby of creating funny and entertaining videos and trying to get them to go viral. There are many websites you can visit these days where you can sit and watch entertaining videos for hours on end. The best part is that anyone who has a phone or video recording equipment can take part in this hobby and try to get their production to start trending worldwide. 

Adult Coloring

The reality is that many adults are feeling stressed out and worn down all around the world. Therefore, grownups are taking to using adult coloring as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s no longer an activity that’s only suitable for children and kids. If anything, kids and adults alike are coloring together as a way to relax and spend quality time with one another. There are now a wide variety of coloring books and tools out on the market to choose from and bring home with you. There are even contests you can enter to see if your work of art is worthy of an award and recognition. 


You should now be well-informed of a few different unusual hobbies that have become worldwide trends. Review them again and figure out which ones you may or may not want to try in your own life. What’s most important is that you’re using your free time to be productive and have some fun. Let these ideas motivate you to fill your schedule with hobbies and interests that will challenge you and keep you on your toes. Having hobbies is a great way to work on your own personal development as well as meet new people who share similar interests as you. What do you have to lose? 


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