If there’s one fact that you can rely on when it comes to the world of online gambling, it’s that the industry will always be in a state of evolution. 

Whether it’s the development of new technology or changes to the regulations surrounding online casinos, change is inevitable. Keeping track of it is essential and that’s how we recognised CasinoWow as a source of always following occurring changes and staying on the top of industry trends. 

Gambling in the UK, in particular, is always changing to suit new regulations and to ensure that responsible gambling is a top priority. Here are 5 trends to keep your eye on in 2020 in the UK online casino industry.

Say Goodbye to Credit Cards

Online casinos have strived to be the epitome of fun, entertainment and convenience. They did so by offering players the ability to deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts in many different ways.

Credit cards are a common form of casino banking, but in April, the UKGC deemed it unsafe for players to do so. A country-wide ban was placed on casinos allowing players to deposit using credit cards as it’s a form of “borrowed money” and could lead to unsafe gambling habits.

The Gambling Commission’s chief executive commented on the ban stating: “Research shows that 22% of online gamblers using credit cards are problem gamblers, with even more suffering some form of gambling harm.”

With the ban in place, e-wallets have become more popular than ever.

Exclusive UK Casino Club

As the UKGC places more bans on common gambling practices and enforces new regulations, fewer and fewer online casinos are making the cut.

In order to ensure that only the most compliant casinos are available to UK players, many have lost their licenses or pulled out of the UK entirely.

While this means that those who remain are the safest options, it also cuts down on the variety of online casinos on offer to players.

This may seem like an excellent outcome to the UKGC, but it does beg the question: Will this push users to try less-than-legal options?

Kids Restrictions

When it comes to children and the online gambling space, the UKGC draws a hard line. If there’s the slightest chance that a child could misinterpret an online slot for a fun game, the UKGC will step in.

Once again, hard rules apply to online casinos in the UK. There should be no cute characters, fun slot themes or potentially harmful adverts visible to young eyes.

If casinos want to continue to thrive in the UK, these rules must be adhered to strictly. Failing to do so could lead to a hefty fine or even the suspension of an operators license. 

Cryptocurrency is on the Rise!

As we already established the bright future of cryptocurrency, recent trends are also showing its rising tendency of it in the UK. The perfect way to bet and claim winnings anonymously and safely, crypto has become a big name in the online casino world.

While this trend started before the credit card ban, there’s no doubt that it has skyrocketed since. Offered as part of the many payment options made available to players, Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies have taken the lead.

What makes cryptocurrency even more appealing is the ability to access it via mobile. Because who doesn’t love their smart device of choice, right?

Mobile is the Future

Speaking of smart devices… Mobile casinos and having the ability to enjoy casino games on the go has always been an essential part of the casino experience.

The UK is now seeing a massive push to up their mobile experience, and it is an exciting time! Online casinos are working hard to ensure they offer a fully optimised version of their sites to mobile players. 

Mobile casino games, casino apps, and smart services that appeal to both iOS and Android users are front and centre for most operators right now. This trend has been building for many years but as technology evolves, so must the casino industry – which they’re always ready to do. 


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