Nowadays, enjoying significant popularity on social media means more than food for your ego. It is an almost sure way of earning a decent living while sharing your content with the world. This truth applies best to YouTube – a social network that hosts more than 1.9 billion active users every month.

Now, you can buy subscribers for YouTube and ensure that your popularity will skyrocket through the roof. But, you will also have to find a way to make your videos more appealing. As luck would have it, we are not sharing with you one way of boosting your YouTube visibility, but THREE ways to make your YouTube video more popular. Here they are:

1. Spruce Up Your YouTube Videos

The creation of a YouTube video does not end when you stop recording your script or when you finish editing it. Before you hit the “Publish / Upload” button, you need to tidy up every single detail of your future release.

Treat your YouTube video as if you were organizing the best party or vacation in your life. You will want even the smallest, seemingly insignificant part of it to be perfect. That is why you will need to:

  • Come up with a catchy title
  • Create an irresistible thumbnail
  • Include essential keywords in the description
  • Write a transcription for your YouTube video
  • Add appropriate video tags
  • Use annotations that point to your other clips
  • Include end screens that redirect to your other videos

All of these touches that you make to a video will make it more likely to fit the YouTube algorithm. It will make it appear on a higher position in browser searches, and users will feel compelled to click on its beckoning thumbnail. All in all, these details will set up your video as a true magnet for popularity.

2. Share Your YouTube Video on Other Social Networks

Research says that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and only the third most popular choice for internet users behind Google and Facebook. It means that most of the people out there use this platform for news, entertainment, and advertising. However, it also means that not everybody is on it.

Many social media consumers may use YouTube very rarely. They represent a significant, untapped audience that you can approach to make your YouTube video more popular. That is why you should try sharing your clips to other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

This strategy will help you reach people who seldom visit YouTube, and who most probably have not even heard of your YouTube channel. With their help, you can soar to new levels of popularity on the best-known video-sharing platform.

3. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

If you have been on YouTube for a while, you probably already have a list of channels that you consider to be your competition. The people behind them are content creators just like you and most likely produce the same kind of content and deliver a similar message.

If you made the wise decision to buy YouTube subscribers, you most probably have more loyal followers than they have. It doesn’t mean that you should put a stop to your goals of popularity or that you should laugh at your competition.

Instead of throwing digital rocks at them, you should try to befriend them. You can even ask them to participate in a joint project, create a clip together, and this way, reach each other’s audience. This strategy will bring some of their followers to your channel and thus enhance your notoriety.


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