If you are a first-time bicyclist, try out top these cycling tips. Cycling, fun or work can help you in many ways. Besides keeping you fit, cycling makes the planet cleaner and does not leave any toxic fumes behind. By cycling, you can also trim down your commuting costs.

If you have never cycled before, you should learn it first before moving around in the city. Learn cycling in parks, grounds, back streets or even your backyard. If you have a more proficient friend, approach them to teach you cycling. Get your bike ready before your first cycle ride.

Cycling safety should always come first. Check the chain, tyres, brakes, and the mudguard of your machine. If it has gears, check those too. See if your seat fits your height. 

See your doctor. Some cyclists may find riding long distances pretty hard and tough on their bodies. If you have had heart disease, check with your cardiologist if it is safe.

Cycling for fun

If you are cycling just for fun, you should keep a map of the city handy. You might get lost in your town, so have an easy to read a map or have a GPS device installed on your cycle handle. Don’t forget to carry some medicines and ample water while cycling around the city.

  • Maintain your cycle by cleaning it every day. Make sure that the chain is well greased, and all moving parts are working properly.

Your medicine bag should contain a first-aid kit, a sanitiser and some rolls of cotton. If you plan to spend the whole day cycling in your city, you should have a carrier fixed to your machine. It will carry your lunch box, water bottle and other things. You can have a detachable carrier on your bike.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet. According to this report, cyclists are 15 times more likely than drivers to be killed by motorists. In 2019, 100 cyclists were killed by motorists. These deaths could have been avoided by wearing helmets and other protective equipment. You should also wear a reflective vest that tells motorists that you are on the road, especially when it is darker day or night.

Find a partner

If your bike breaks down, you should check out Cycle Solutions; these vendors can also fix hybrid bikes for women riders. Consider having a cycling partner while you are out enjoying the sights of the city. This will keep both of your fresh and full of energy.

Follow all the rules of the road. As users of public roads, it is required that you and your partner both follow all the traffic rules. Ride in designated lanes, never jump red lights, and always allow pedestrians to cross the path first. Respect traffic rules and become a responsible citizen. 10. Keep your bike locked when not in use.

Use hand signals to inform motorists about your intentions. This is important because unlike a motorised vehicle, your cycle does not have brake lights or indicators. Hand movements are especially important in foggy days. Have fun while biking around. Say Hello to your fellow riders, take notes while cycling, and help other cyclists.


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