People are drawn to vegetarianism for different reasons. Some want to live a healthier lifestyle while others are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and ending animal suffering. There are plenty of good reasons to cut down on meat and fish. January is a popular month to try out a new diet, so here are some reasons why vegetarianism may be the one for you this year.

Vegetarian versus vegan

First things first, vegetarianism and veganism aren’t the same thing. Both diets reduce animal products, but while vegetarians still consume milk-based produce like cheese and chocolate and also eggs, vegans don’t eat any animal products including honey which is produced by bees. The question: should I go vegan or vegetarian comes down to personal taste and your reasons. Both diets have health benefits.

Cutting out meat boosts overall health and reduces illness

With around 70 percent of human diseases like cardiovascular illness and cancer linked to animal agriculture and meat consumption, it may be obvious that reducing meat and fish in your diet can prevent these issues. Vegetarians tend to eat less animal fat and often have a lower cholesterol level which is good for overall heart health.

Reduce weight with a plant-based diet

When you’re looking to shift some pounds in 2021, trying a vegetarian diet can be helpful. However, it does depend on what you eat. Vegetarian diets aren’t automatically healthier than meat-based ones. To lower your weight, it’s best to incorporate plenty of vegetables and fruits as part of your veggie menu. You’ll also be minimising your risk of stroke and diabetes at the same time, so there’s really no excuse not to give a vegetarian diet a try.

Feel more energetic

Good nutrition can make a big difference in terms of energy levels. A balanced vegetarian diet that cuts out meat and fish in favour of more legumes, fresh fruit, and vegetables provides a great energy boost. That’s because plants are easier to digest and better for the gut. It may also mean more regular trips to the bathroom in the morning. Whether a vegetarian diet could boost the number of beneficial gut bacteria is something you can test using a personal intestinal flora test. Meats take significantly longer to be broken down by our guts.

Going vegetarian is easy

Thanks to a huge range of meat-free alternatives available in shops these days, it couldn’t be easier to try a vegetarian diet. There are also plenty of good recipes available online and in dedicated cookbooks. Most restaurants and takeaways serve vegetarian options too. But to get the most out of your new diet, it’s a good idea to check out what the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism are, so that you can make the right choices.


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