Former prime Minister Tony Blair has set out his plans to revive the economy as it comes out of lockdown.

“The suppression is absolutely necessary to save lives, and there will continue for some time to be a raft of rules and restrictions necessary to follow. But because of the immense collateral damage done by the lockdown – economic and health-related – we must ensure that on easing the restrictions, we are fully prepared and ahead of the curve the moment that the medical and scientific advice allows us to start the process.” says Blair writing for his Think Tank, The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

The Think Tank proposes a a twin-track strategy of containment (through measures including mask-wearing, testing and contact-tracing) and shielding the most vulnerable from the virus is needed.

The Government cannot provide certainty about when case numbers will drop or what future outbreaks may occur, so providing firm dates for lifting lockdown measures weeks in advance may be unwise.

However it could substantially reduce uncertainty and strengthen adherence
to the lockdown by taking three steps, putting hard metrics on its five tests for lifting the lockdown, establishing different levels of suppression measures that will be in force,
conditional on the scale of an outbreak, potentially varying by region and clarifying what each level of suppression will mean for people and different types of businesses.

If daily cases are less than 500, testing capacity is over 100,000 daily and there is at least 50 per cent traceabilty, it envisages individuals going to work if workplace open and clear
tracing-app reading, and the wearing of masks where possible otherwise only leave home as for Hard Lockdown.

It sees resturants Partially open with strict capacity limits and customers encouraged to
show clear contact tracing app reading.Other retail shops would open if social distancing
enforced, entry to shops limited, and customers having to wear masks and have clear app reading.Schools would be open and people would have to wear masks on public transport.

Only with Daily cases below 100 would public gatherings of less than a hundred be allowed and travel to low risk country


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