1) It’s Christ-MAS! And this show embraces it fully. Come along and watch the  imagined action unfold from within a Greater Manchester household the week before Christmas.
2) We are supported by the Lennox Berkeley Society! That’s right, the LBS have given us a grant to hire the beautiful piano for that we have organised for the event.
3) We have food! The production is laden with beautiful sights and smells, to make you feel right at home and get further into the Christmas spirit.
4) It’s Cheap! We are selling three prices of ticket to try and facilitate any audience member to come along, and the most expensive is only £15
5) The cast. Our cast features some familiar faces from Manchester Opera Ensemble’s last three years, including some singers who we have been privileged to watch excel from working for us as understudies, to taking lead roles in this production! All of the singers are working professionals at the beginning of their careers and sing fantastically well.
6) The creative team! We are proud to be seeking the wisdom of other art forms for this project and have brought on Charlotte Broadbent to direct, initially trained at ALRA as an actor, she has performed at the Royal Exchange and has work with MOE in the past to help our singers act with a heightened realism from what is usually found on the opera stage. We also have Ewan Gilford returning bringing with him his wealth of experience gained through his work at Northern Ballet. Ewan has the ability to lead our productions from the piano, giving a spontaneity and freedom to the performance.
7) The Theatre! That’s right, we are once again presenting this opera to you in the beautiful performance space at Manchester Central Library, not only making use of the wonderful acoustics, but giving us the freedom to present this production in the round. Offering to you a unique view of opera performance, and allowing for an intimate event.
8) The opera.  It’s not often you can find a performance of this wonderful chamber opera, and so you mustn’t miss out. The libretto is witty, the music idiomatic and original and the score is full of life.
9) Bring a friend. We believe that our productions offer a perfect ‘first opera’ experience for an audience member, so whether it’s your first time, or you have a friend you’ve been trying to convince to come to see a concert with you, this is the perfect opportunity.
10) The Future. It is only through the warm support of audiences that we have been able to continue our work successfully, and we are so grateful for this. Please come along as singing to full audiences is what spurs us on to keep our hard work going into the future years and bringing opera to the people of Manchester.
The show is on December 19th and 20th, at 6.30pm in Manchester Central Library.
Tickets are available now at www.thelittleboxoffice.com/moe


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