Urban Splash has released a series of images showing for the first time, the redeveloped exterior of Stubbs Mill in Manchester – including an eye-catching neon sign that will provide a striking symbol of its regeneration.
The 27,500 sq ft building has been developed by Urban Splash and designed by Manchester-based architects SixTwo who together have restored the 19th century façade, making prominence of its central tower. Here, a new lighting installation will make the original Stubbs wording a focal point on Manchester’s skyline come dusk.

The rest of the building’s restored façade – with its 3-metre high windows and North Lit roof – is now visible for the first time thanks to the removal of hoardings.

Director at Urban Splash Nathan Cornish said: “We are within touching distance of completing this building delivering a product that the market currently wants. We’ve tried to strike the right balance of a raw warehouse and a modern office; with a neon sign that makes a bold statement and a reflection of Stubbs’ part in the area’s history. 

“New Islington is rapidly changing at the moment with cranes and activity in every corner of the site. Stubbs Mill brings workspaces into that mix with other local highlights including our hoUSe project, the New Islington Free School and many other apartment buildings currently on site” 

Stubbs Mill is located in New Islington, adjacent to the Urban Splash Chips building and just a few minutes’ walk from the Northern Quarter and Manchester Piccadilly station. 

Urban Splash is now focusing on the completion of the building’s interior spaces, as Nathan concluded: “As with Stubbs’ exterior, we have incorporated as much of the building’s natural fabric as we can inside. Whist exposed brickwork and original features will dominate the space inside, we have also installed features such as superfast internet connectivity and fully-raised access floors for the benefit of all new tenants.”


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