More than a thousand of the council’s lowest paid staff are set to get a pay rise as the council attempts to bring in measures for an increase in Rochdale’s Living Wage.

The council’s Living Wage was introduced in 2013 and increased to £8.25 an hour last year but is set to be raised to £8.45 when the council’s cabinet committee meets next month. It is designed to provide a better standard of living for the lowest-paid council workers.

The increase will bring it in line with the wage rate recommended by the social policy research organisation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and will be more than £1 above the government’s National Living Wage rate of £7.20.

About 1,500 employees – mainly cleaners and teaching assistants – working for Rochdale Borough Council will benefit if the above-inflation increase is agreed.

Council leader Richard Farnell, who is leading the call for the rate to be increased, said: “We are proud of the fact that our lowest paid employees already get more than the national wage and, having listened to the evidence about how this could really help those who need it most, are sure that this will make a real difference to their lives.”


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