Happiness is something that we all want and strive to have more of. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a generally unhappy person, you can always take steps to cultivate more joy in your life. Unfortunately, many of us spend so much time worrying about things like being successful in our career, or earning more money, that we forget how important it is to make time for happiness. If you can’t remember the last time that you felt truly joyful, then now could be the perfect time to get a happiness refresh. Here are some top ways that you can build a happier life in no time. 

Figure Out What Makes You Happy

First, you need to figure out what’s most likely to make you happy, so you know what to cultivate more of in your day. Think back over the last couple of weeks, or months if necessary, and ask yourself what made you smile most recently. Are you happy when you’re tackling challenges at work that allow you to pursue your passions and put your skills to the test? Maybe you find that you’re more satisfied with your life when you get to spend important moments with your friends and family. Simple things like a cup of coffee with a friend can make a huge difference to your emotional health. Once you know what makes you feel great – try to get more of it into your routine. 

Make a Crucial Change

Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When you’re struggling with something in your life, like a medical issue, or an embarrassing problem, you might avoid talking about it or seeking help because you’re scared of what other people will think. It’s this kind of thinking that stops people from seeking support when they have problems with things like erectile dysfunction. However, overcoming your embarrassment and reaching out for help not only takes a massive weight off your mind, it also means that you can get the help you need to eliminate the problem too as, for example, a lot of men find Viagra or sildenafil helpful. 

Banish Damaging Thoughts

Finally, if you want to get more happiness into your life, then you need to learn how to respond to negativity. We all have damaging thoughts at times. Sometimes, we might think that we’re not good enough, or we could put ourselves down because we’re not accomplishing as much as our friends or members of our family. While it’s difficult to stop negative thoughts from emerging completely, you can at least take steps to balance your painful thoughts with more positive ones. For instance, instead of thinking “Steve has accomplished so much more than me in the last year”, ask yourself to list all of the amazing things you’ve accomplished, from being there for friends when they need you, to trying your hardest every day. Just because negative thoughts come your way, doesn’t mean that you have to allow yourself to drown in them.


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