t was my turn to do tea/coffee/breakfast this morning so I was up and about just after 8 am.

One of the things that I had missed last night on social media was some friends laughing about using their bras to act as a face mask. I did the “bra challenge” photo to see how it would look and, to be fair, it looked more like one of those things people wear when they are fencing.

It wouldn’t be very wise to wear as I couldn’t see anything. Let’s hope the science doesn’t stack up and we don’t have to wear them! Switching on the TV, Donald Trump was giving everybody advice on what might be a good idea for face masks but he is exercising his voluntary right of not bothering – I wonder if he might change his mind if his were made from used lacy bras!

I’d completely forgotten that it’s Labour leader election results day today as the lockdown has taken over the news. It’s a shame for Labour as we do need an effective opposition and of the 3 candidates, I’d like Lisa Nandy to win but it’s highly unlikely. I think Keir Starmer will win but he does look more like a Tory. I have no idea what any of their policies are as the coverage just hasn’t been there which is a shame. I know there are 2 women candidates and 1 male but I really don’t support positive discrimination or women quotas so may the best person win.

There was another article on the news about the 3 minutes “noise” on the Chinese festival to honour their ancestors. It reminded me of the lovely kids film, “Coco” where the day of the dead is celebrated. There are many people who would love to make some noise but we are still too attached to our stiff upper lip. I just though it was touching this event seemed to be so cathartic.

Enough putting this off – the chores are awaiting. I took the kitchen, the restocking of supplies from the big cupboard (it’s the only big cupboard we have and isn’t very big at all!), chopping and freezing the limes to go with yesterday’s lemons and the ironing. I started my jobs before my husband and, anniversary or not, could have kicked his shins when I caught him “just having a quick go on his new game” mid-shift! He made it up by making sure he was still working for a while when I sat down. I think we both remembered to be kind!

The only thing we didn’t agree on was keeping the “best before June 2018” Marmite. I’d have put it in the bin but he was adamant it was fine. I caved-in but only because I won’t be eating it! I love Marmite but not that long after its best.

I really enjoyed taking my time to get ready for our special anniversary evening in our home and had an amazing Sephora foot mask too as the final pamper – oh, I wish we had a branch in Manchester. Even if I do say so, I scrubbed up well – as did my husband. Aaah, it all made me very very happy.

After I was all dicky-dollied up with nowhere to go other than our lounge & kitchen, I had a lovely FaceTime chat with my mum and dad and found out stuff I never knew. See, there are some advantages to this slower pace of life – we have time to chat and really listen.

My Parallel Universe: It was my 50th birthday last year and I was absolutely spoiled rotten. One of my amazing presents was a voucher from 2 of my longest standing friends to go to “Restaurant Sat Baines” in Nottingham. It’s a 2 Michelin star restaurant with rooms so that’s where we were going for our anniversary. It’s a long way away from the food the 3 of us used to cook when we were poor students living in Lupton Flats at Leeds University. It’s one of the many things we’ll have to reschedule. Mr Carnivore is much happier with our home made curry!

My List: The DVD pile has been sorted and there’s a big pile for charity once things are back to normal; AMAZING NEWS – I’ve finally finished “The Power” book – it’s a 2-star rating from me as it was just all a bit confused. I get some of the nature-nurture points but nobody can think just women in charge is a good situation in which to be – we all just need to work together and all be treated as equals, surely?; TV was “Midsomer Murders” whilst getting ready for dinner – it’s got to be more dangerous than any other place in the UK; I’ve been promising to send a particular photo to one of my young cousins in Australia and I finally sorted it out; & practically set up my new iPhone when tipsy – yes, it really was “plug & play” and I now believe the Cloud is magic!

My lowlight: Having a little panic that my husband had gone shopping for popadoms and flowers after we’d agreed they were not “mission critical”. Thankfully he didn’t – it’s the only time all I’ve ever wanted for our anniversary is not to have flowers or a shop-bought card.

My highlight: The delicious chicken tikka curry made by Dave – not a Michelin star to his name but WOW!! Followed by unfrozen birthday cake and lashings and lashings of fizz.

My Anxiety levels: Low as very very very chilled.

Day 13 is Sunday, our actual wedding anniversary, and the best day of the week.


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