No kids – now what? How do you find a new ‘once upon a time’ after the ‘happy ever after’ never turned up?

Victoria Firth’s one-woman show How to be Amazingly Happy uses storytelling and physical comedy to tell her autobiographical story; from wondering whether to have kids, to seeking medical intervention, coming up empty handed and ultimately exploring coming to terms with and discovering what to do with the second half of her life as a non-mother.

It resonates with the many woman not sure whether to have kids or without the right partner/ circumstance to match their white picket fence dreams, the many people who have IVF, those that don’t, won’t or can’t have children and how they build a life outside of the accepted trajectory. Family diversity is greater than ever but there is still very little social validation for women who don’t have kids.

Victoria says: “On the surface of it the show is about frivolous escapades into finding that elusive joy, fulfilment and life balance that most people are searching for. Under the surface it’s taking a look at these things in the context of not having children. I think a lot of women end up in complicated discussions with themselves about whether to have children, how to do it if they’re single, or in a same sex relationship, find out they can’t have kids or missed the window, try IVF and fail and/or are worried what life looks like without taking that step.

What I hope people take away is a story of reinvention that inspires them to be more daring in being themselves and being happy.”

How To Be Amazingly Happy! launched in World Childless Week at Theatre Deli in Sheffield before going on a national tour and coming to Waterside on Friday 29 November at 20:00

Tickets £10/£8

0161 912 5616


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