The paintbrush was one of the earliest artistic tools ever invented, dating its use back to the Palaeolithic Period. Since then, inventors and artists have made significant inventions that have eased the lives of artists and hobbyists, including thePosca Pen.

From its launch in the early 1980s, Posca Pens have been a popular choice for all artists due to their versatility and convenience. Easy to carry, they are your partners when creating art anywhere at any time.

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What are Posca Pens?

A Posca Pen lets you apply opaque, pigmented water-based paint through markers on any medium. Inside the pen is a water-based paint with a small ball that shakes and mixes the colour to the ideal consistency.

They are quick-drying and permanent on most mediums. You have complete control over the application and can be blended too. The tips of the pens can be rinsed with water.

Medium for Your Pens

Depending on the medium you are working on, you might want to consider different types of Posca Pens. You can use them on:

Plaster and Stone

For materials such as stone and concrete, you would not want to use fine-tipped Posca Pens. Some mediums such as metal and wood require extra spray varnish to seal the effects.

You can check out Big Red Illustration’s Recommendations for Posca Pens to determine which size and colour Posca Pens would best suit the medium you are working with.

Your Art Style

If you are using Posca Pens to create large-scale artwork, you will need to use a medium bullet tip (2.5 mm), chisel tip (8 mm), and extra-broad tip (15 mm) instead of extra fine tips so that you are not putting in additional time and effort.

You can also use Posca Pens for semi-permanent installations on glass easily cleaned with no stains. The opaque, rich colours show even on dark surfaces. For graffiti artists, these pens are easy to carry and deliver the right amount of colourand control they need for their work.

You can use them to customise your possessions and wardrobe too. It lets you put your creative spin on regular items, making them truly unique.

Colour Ranges

Posca Pens are available in 55 shades, including fluorescent and glitter variants. Depending on your requirements, you could opt for a basic set with foundational colours or even customise your bundle to include specific colours.

The colours can also be mixed while they are still wet, which lets you create vibrant gradients and new shades when the colour you want is not available.


Buying a set of Posca Pens can cost differently depending on which brand and the colour range you are planning to buy. Some brands aim to be affordable, while others deliver high-quality for premium prices.

You could opt to buy single markers which are cheaper than buying full bundles. Many stationary shops have discounts which can help you get a better deal too. Big Red Illustration’s Recommendations for Posca Pens includes pens in all price ranges, so you don’t have to look around online too much.

Buy the Right Posca Pens for Your Artistic Endeavours

Posca Pens are truly versatile and efficient for all artists and hobbyists. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, investing to buy good-quality pens to add to your artistic arsenal will help you be more creative.

You can replace the tips in case of damage, making them durable and optimal for long-term usage. The ease and control with which you can use Posca Pens on any medium lets you unleash your creativity in any form!


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