Manchester based Skin Academy, part of the internationally renowned Quest Personal Care company, has just launched the UK’s first mass market, 100% natural, 100% recyclable / recycled packaging and sustainable skincare range, Zero, that is set to shape the future of the beauty industry.

The innovation sets a new environmental standard in the beauty industry, creating a product range which champions green, ethical practices in both how the products are made and how they are packaged, whilst not compromising on their quality and benefits to the skin.

The range of six products features; night cream, day cream, eye cream, facial scrub, facial wash and hand cream, which are all made from 100% natural ingredients. There are zero artificial ingredients, fragrances or preservatives, zero parabens and zero SLES / SLS. The brand really is Zero by name and zero by nature! Of course, the entire product range is Vegan friendly too.

Antony Wagman, CEO of Quest Personal Care, and Skin Academy said: “Zero is a huge step forward for the industry as there are no synthetic elements in the product, so the ingredients are natural, sustainably sourced, plant-based materials. Most noticeably we have removed all artificial preservatives, which really sets the product apart from competitors and which will be welcome relief to consumers too, as we believe we really have ticked all the green credential boxes, whilst offering an effective, affordable range of beauty products.”

“Our intention was to create a stand out range that allows consumers the luxury of natural, premium skincare at affordable prices, without damaging the environment and we are thrilled with the results.”

“When reviewing competitor brands, we found that nearly all ‘natural’ products still retained synthetic preservatives to maintain the shelf life and not many know that it is these synthetic preservatives that can cause irritation or reaction when in contact with the skin.“

“Zero uses plant based preservatives that provide an 18 month shelf life from the date of manufacture so we don’t compromise on quality, customer experience nor the enjoyment of our products. Furthermore, we have ensured that where Palm Oil, or its derivatives, are used it is responsibly sourced from growers with RSPO accreditation, so we really have left no stone unturned in the creation of what we firmly believe is the UK’s most eco-friendly, mass market skincare range.”

A key differentiator in particular is also the packaging, which Skin Academy has made as eco-friendly as possible. The Day and Night creams are produced in recyclable glass jars, with natural bamboo lids which are all fully compostable.  Antony added: “It is not always practical for our consumers to have all their beauty creams in glass jars, so where we have chosen to use tubes, we have opted for sustainably sourced sugar cane. This bio-based sustainable plastic uses sugarcane ethanol to substitute standard ethanol obtained from crude oil drilled from the ground, with the caps on the tubes are also being recyclable.

With merchandising of the product, the full range is delivered in recyclable card, with a 15% recycled content and shipping cartons are made from 100% recycled card.

The full range of Zero products is now available with suggested retail prices of £9.99 for the tubes and £12.99 for the jars.  For further information on the Skin Academy Zero products visit or contact Antony Wagman on 0161 359 4050 or


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