Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK, boasting diverse history, culture, art, entertainment, and gaming facilities, like 918kiss casino. The city’s efficient transports system make it easy to explore fascinating attractions and recreational spots. However, a trip to Manchester would not be complete without a visit to these iconic tourist spots:


Castlefield is one of Manchester’s most popular attractions, filled with canals, green spaces, and casual waterfront bars. Designated an Urban Heritage Park, it is home to Castlefield Bowl, a canal-side outdoor space that hosts classical and rock concerts. 

Be sure to explore the Bridgewater Canal. Worsley mines built the canal in 1761 to facilitate coal transportation to Manchester. 

Other fascinating attractions include the remains of Mamucium fort, from which Manchester derives its name, Castlefield Art Gallery, Bridgewater Hall, and HOME (an arts centre with exhibits, live theatre, and film screenings).

John Rylands Library

John Rylands Library is another fascinating attraction in Manchester featuring late-Victorian neo-Gothic structures on Deansgate. It opened its doors to the public in 1900. 

Enriqueta Augustina Rylands founded the library in memory of her husband, John Rylands. Besides its magnificent architecture, the library boasts some of the rarest manuscripts and books worldwide. Its collections include the oldest known New Testament pieces and a few medieval manuscripts. 

National Football Museum

If you love the world’s most popular sport, football, you’ll undoubtedly want to visit the National Football Museum in Manchester. It is the world’s largest and most fascinating football exhibition hall, featuring a plethora of interesting memorabilia and other artefacts, like football’s first rule book and historic trophies. 

Various captivating short films show the history of football, while hands-on displays offer loads of additional entertainment for younger visitors. 

Avid football fans might also want to visit Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium, Manchester United and Manchester City’s home bases, respectively. Old Trafford offers guided tours with opportunities to explore private boxes and tread the field. Etihad Stadium tops its rival’s offering with deluxe dinner options and behind-the-scenes tours.

Imperial War Museum North

Located in the metropolitan borough of Trafford, Imperial War Museum North is part of the greater Imperial War Museums. This impressive museum depicts the various conflicts involving Britain since 1914. It showcases about 1,400 historical documents and items, but one of the most incredible things at the Imperial War Museum North is the first gun that the British used in World War I. 

The wide range of artefacts on display makes this museum one of the top attractions during your trip to Manchester, and you’re sure to leave with more inspiration than you arrived.

Manchester Art Gallery

A final recommendation is the Manchester Art Gallery, which boasts one of the largest art collections in Britain outside of London. You can view pre-Raphaelites, French impressionists, and renowned German artists, like Max Ernst. Other fascinating items include artwork from famous English artists like Constable, Turner, and Stubbs. 

Be sure to explore these fantastic places for a memorable experience on your next visit to Manchester. It’s a truly fascinating location catering to all types of visitors.


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