Travelling by rail can be up to 80% cheaper on similar routes than flying, when accounting for the additional cost of baggage and airport transfers.

A report by the Rail debunks the myth that flying can be cheaper

Rail is up to 17 times greener when travelling for business across Britain compared to flying and Travelling by plane takes longer than by train city-to-city for four out of the six domestic travel routes we looked at.

Between London and Manchester train travel is quicker by nearly two and a half hours.At first glance flying may seem to be the fastest way to get between two cities, but when looking at the total total time taken from city centre to city centre, rail delivers an equivalent or quicker option.

Typically journeys by air involve additional trips to get to the airport from the city centre. You also need to take into account the recommended time to be at the airport before the scheduled departure time, as well as the 30 minutes to disembark, and the onward journey into the city centre.

For too long, the narrative has been that flying domestically is cheaper and faster. However, when you do a true cost comparison, rail travel is considerably cheaper.

Rail travel offers a more affordable, sustainable, and convenient way to travel. Our research highlights the many advantages that rail travel offers to our customers when travelling within Britain.



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