With a shocking 73% of Brits admitting they don’t know their neighbours’ names, Pernod Ricard UK is encouraging consumers to come together to ‘break the ice’ and trade stories in a convivial moment.

In a short video filmed at The Loft in Manchester, members of the community were brought together by Pernod Ricard UK to trade heartfelt stories of how they have overcome adversity in their lives.

Fitness Champion Eddy Diget grew up in a tough household but fought through his hardship to secure a spot to represent England in the Commonwealth Games. He is a kung-fu master, a hobby he still keeps up at the age of 73.

Tanya Riley suffered some setbacks earlier in her life but is now a successful entrepreneur and business owner at just 25 years old.

As part of the campaign to foster closer relationships between neighbours, Pernod Ricard UK has partnered with Albert’s Schloss to offer consumers the chance to take a neighbour along for a free drink. Terms and conditions below.

Pernod Ricard UK is also a partner of charitable organisation The Cares Family, which aims to bring older and younger adult neighbours together through celebrating moments of connection.

 “As we welcome in a new decade, we’re encouraging neighbours to cross-generational divides and embrace a convivial spirit. We all have unique and awe-inspiring stories to tell and we’re inviting people to come together and share meaningful moments. Conviviality is at the heart of Pernod Ricard. It’s a mindset that echoes the motto of the company’s founder, Paul Ricard, who encouraged everyone to ‘make a new friend every day’.” (Aurelie Kane, Pernod Ricard UK Communications and Corporate Affairs Director)


Offer is valid from 15th-31st January 2020. Offer is limited to one free drink per customer, per visit, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

 Participants can choose a Pernod Ricard spirit (choice of either Absolut, Jameson, Beefeater or Plymouth) to enjoy with a mixer.

 To participate, show the social media post featuring the ‘Break the ice’ video from The Hook to a member of the bar staff at Albert’s Schloss in Manchester.

To claim your free drink, you will need to be 18 or over. Proof of age may be required. Bar staff may refuse to provide a free drink where they believe a customer is claiming more than one free drink per visit. Please enjoy responsibly.


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