‘Borderline Electra’ is set to make a hard-hitting premiére 21 April at the Hope Mill Theatre – the newest and hottest venue on the Manchester theatre scene. The play is written and directed by Stevie Helps, Co-Artistic Director at New Live Theatre Company.

The excitingly provoking ‘Borderline Electra’ is premièring with not one, but two different casts who will each perform the play, which explores the troubled life and relationships of the central character (Rachel) who suffers with aBorderline Personality Disorder. There will be 2 performances – one at 7pm and a second (with a completely different cast) at 8.45pm. The play will also feature live music, specifically written and composed for the production, by musician Thurston Thomson.

When his wife goes missing, Stuart informs his daughter (Rachel) that she has committed suicide. Elliott first meets Rachel in her local pub, where he finds her alone and drunkenly singing her heart out on a table top to ‘Last Christmas’ – in April. When her father arrives to pull her down, Elliot jumps to defend her. But all is not what it seems. This family must prepare themselves for the consequences of their actions… a family, and their goldfish, torn apart. This is no ordinary story.

New Live Theatre Company is an independent theatre production company based in Manchester. Founded in 2011, the company has worked on a plethora of newly written productions including musical comedies from award winning BBC-commissioned playwrights such as Christopher Owen, to hard-hitting 5 star dramas. Previous productions include: modern celebrity focused comedy ‘VIP‘ (2013), gritty drama ‘A Walk in the Park‘ (2013 & 2015), family comedy-drama ‘Love Shy Neighbour‘ (2011), religious Victorian-set musical comedy ‘A Parson’s Tale‘ (toured 2012-2014), hard-hitting drama preview ‘Dragged Up‘ (2015), Victorian Halloween Comedy-Thriller ‘Spook Manor‘ (2013 & 2015) and feminist musical comedy ‘Women’s Voices‘ (2013).

Stevie Helps is an up and coming Writer and Director from London, currently Co-Artistic Director at New Live Theatre Company and Acting Coach at Manchester Hub Drama School. Stevie’s directorial CV includes productions ‘Damaged Goods’ (2014 & 2016), ‘A Walk in the Park’ (2014), ‘Spook Manor’ (2015), ‘Dragged Up’ (2015), ‘When In Roam’ (2014) and ‘The Beast Within’ (which won the audience vote and was crowned winner of the Manchester Theatre Showcase 2014 at the Great Northern Playhouse, Deansgate).




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