Young people from Salford have launched a new exhibition at The Lowry featuring artwork they made in collaboration with professional artists.

The exhibition features a quilt made by combining human bio-data from the young people with computer coding. The quilt brings together traditional and modern printing processes and will be displayed in The Lowry’s galleries from Sat 17 March – Sun 22 April.

The young people were identified for the project by working with The Lowry’s learning and engagement department. They were involved in a week-long workshop at Islington Mill with three artists who work together as a collective. During the week they made prints using their own human bio-data as a source before being digitized and manipulated.

The exhibition is part of The Lowry’s Edit series of gallery projects and collaborations.

The collective is based in Salford’s Islington Mill studios who first came together for MIF 2017 ‘What is the city but the people.’ Sally Gilford (Old Trafford), Cheryl O’Meara (Old Trafford) and Vicky Clarke (Stockport) combine digital & traditional printing with coding & data bending techniques to produce textile and fashion based artworks. Each artist brings a different set of skills to the project.


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