Mancunians will spend £452.25 each on Christmas gifts this year, according to new research by shopping and fundraising site Give as you Live.

Santa may also get more than his fill of milk, cookies and perhaps a whisky too. This Christmas spend figure is the equivalent of almost four years’ worth of milk, almost two and a half years’ worth of biscuits and cake and nine months’ worth of alcohol and tobacco*.

Among cities, Glaswegians will be the most generous on Christmas spending this year, budgeting £518.35 each for gifts, while those in Brighton will bring the spending down south, forking out £398.53 each.

Meanwhile, Londoners will spend £456.57 each whilst the Brummies will spend £440.13 each.

Across the nation, the average Brit is set to spend £434.45 on Christmas gifts this year. Loved ones of 25 to 34-year-olds are likely to receive the most expensive gifts, with the age group planning to spend £577.93 each on Christmas gifts – the highest among surveyed age groups, and men will spend slightly more than women (£442.10 versus £427.96 each).

Greg Hallett, managing director at Give as you Live commented, “Brits are clearly feeling generous this Christmas, planning to spend more than £400 each on gifts for family and loved ones. It’s a large sum when comparing this figure to spend on household food, bills, and other life expenses, so Give as you Live is helping Brits extend their generosity without them having to spend more money. Each time a purchase is made at one of our retailers via our website, we donate a percentage of the purchase price to the charity of the shopper’s choice. We even work with the likes of Tesco and M&S, so you can help donate while stocking up on Santa’s milk, cookies, and perhaps even a special tipple.”

The findings come from a Give as you Live survey of 1,000 British consumers who were asked about their Christmas shopping habits.

With every purchase made via Give as you Live, a percentage of the purchase value is donated to the charity of the shopper’s choice. This all happens at no extra cost, as Give as you Live makes the donation on the shopper’s behalf from the commission paid by the retailer.

To date, Give as you Live has helped to raise over £8.8 million for UK charities. Every registered UK charity can benefit, and more than 4,100 online retailers are taking part, including Tesco, John Lewis, Selfridges,, and many more.

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