A musician from Manchester who has lived in the North West since he was four years old and had his deportation to Jamaica halted earlier this month is now no longer on an immediate removals list.

Owen Haisley has lived in the UK for forty one years and was granted indefinite leave to remain when he was 11.

However he was due to be flown out to Jamaica earlier this month after serving a 12 month jail sentence for assault.

Owen is a well known face in the Manchester music scene and also for his work amongst disadvantaged children and the intervention of Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell prevented his removal.

Today the Home Office have confirmed that Owen is no longer on an immediate removals list.

Lucy Powell tweeted earlier this afternoon:

Iknow this will come as a great relief to many. Whilst the fight is not over, this is a step forward, and all involved will continue fighting for Owen’s right to remain in the UK.” adding

“I’ve just spoken to him and he’s delighted to be out and able to see his children and family.”


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